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Finland Sweden moving closer to joining NATO as Russia's invasion of Ukraine drags on and on for that another global news Let's bring back our own Denise Pellegrini Denise Yeah that's right Kathleen Finland's prime minister is now joining with the country's president and saying the country intends to apply for NATO membership soon Prime minister sana marine speaking in Helsinki Our interest is that the ratification process would be a short as possible and it would go very smoothly And Marin also says the Finnish parliament is expected to endorse this decision in a few days In Sweden meantime the governing Social Democratic Party is backing joining NATO Swedish prime minister magdalena Anderson pushing for this in Stockholm today Today the Social Democratic Party has concluded that Sweden should join NATO And Anderson says the plan to join NATO will be discussed in parliament That could start in just a few hours Shanghai as we've been talking about is emerging from COVID lockdown mode This is day two now of no known new cases of community spread of COVID in Shanghai The only case is detected in Shanghai or in quarantine and grocery stores barbershops among the places reopening no dining in restaurants yet there though as far as we can tell that has to be take out for now North Korea is Kim Jong-un is blaming irresponsible officials for the country's COVID outbreak according to KCNA Meantime South Korea's leader Yun is offering to send North Korea COVID vaccines and medicine There is no response though that we know about yet In New York governor Kathy hulk calling for gun control after a gunman killed ten people in Buffalo and injured several others today Let our city let Buffalo New York be the last city where acts of violence like this ever occur And huckel speaking after investigators said the 18 year old gunman set out to kill as many black people as possible in what they say is being investigated as a racially motivated violent extremist attack And high profile whistleblower has died This is Val brok Smith he leaked secret files to FBI investigators looking at Deutsche Bank and money laundering Brooke Smith shared his dead stepfather's passwords with investigators to reveal the bank's role he hoped and money laundering and other dealings with Russia and the Trump organization His dad worked at Deutsche Bank and Val brook Smith died mysteriously in Los Angeles He was 46 Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries In the newsroom I'm Denise Pellegrini This is Bloomberg Denise thanks Let's get to global sports with Dan Schwartzman.

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