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Issues it will take to beat Donald Trump for NPR news I'm grace hood in Denmark this is NPR news good morning from the BBC in London I'm Sarah Hawkins with BBC topline a few stories we're following right now Japan has ordered schools to close for a month as governments around the world scramble to stop the spread of the coronavirus Jenny hill is in Tokyo it's a huge concern for the Japanese authorities because in five months time this country is due to host the twenty twenty Olympics now we also have had today the torch relay which is due to start in just a matter of weeks time have it may have to be downsized Chinese health officials say that around fourteen percent of coronavirus patients who recovered and were discharged from the hospital have tested positive again possibly due to traces of the virus left behind in the intestinal tract some in the Chinese province of Guangdong who'd been discharged from hospital and were believed to be healthy tested positive for the virus a second time the same phenomenon has been reported in Japan when a woman in her forties who recovered and tested negative for the virus then tested positive more than three weeks later Celia Hatton and in East Africa international charity mercy corps says an invasion of locusts could cost the region's worst humanitarian crisis in recent times and the second wave is due in the next few weeks the insects of ravaging crops imposters in parts of East Africa with tensions over grazing land already high the pests consume that own body weight in food every day merry Harper in London I'm Sarah Hawkins at the BBC this is one of the most sought after political consultants in California he's run campaigns for Hillary Clinton Kamel Harris Gavin Newsom and many others I'm Scott Shafer and days before super Tuesday A. Smith joins Marie so Lagos in may on political break down and we'll get an update from South Carolina before Saturday's primary it's political breakdown tonight at six thirty on KQED public radio good morning I'm Steve Inskeep Matthew bell that was due for release from the Utah jail but instead of walking free he's skiing with a fellow inmate to get both of them out authorities say he shaved a fellow inmates had to the two look alike his friend went first and got out on to the false identity Mr bell that been complained he hadn't been released yet authorities caught their mistake them but they're still hunting for the fugitive who got away you're.

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