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But nonetheless, man, it's good to see them on the right track down there and the great town of Denton Texas, where I live for a couple of years and entered into the business professional wrestling with world class championship wrestling rat. What is being bought out by Jerry Jarrett from monarch to turn into the United States wrestling association. So man, lots of memories down there for me and man. Right across the state over in Austin, Texas, where I was born and raised for about three years, Texas longhorns what Tom Herman coming out of the gate. Man, I think they were one and one going into this big game with the university of southern California. The Trojans started off as a real close game. Real tough game is it always is. And I remember back in the day, I guess what was years ago invents young was quarterback and it was the Rose Bowl and Vince young damn near. I mean it it was a total team effort, but Jesus Christ what a platform for Vince young, just just show out much of a bad ass. He was in college football, just what a total beast. He was running all over the place, making place, throwing a football, and they came out of there were just a by the skin of their teeth with a big ass went over southern California. So man for the Texas to get back on the right track, Tom, Herman second year in that program, hopefully they get turned around if anybody can do it, they can. And being a university of Texas at Austin, you know cream of the crop as far as a destination place for college football player to go. So we'll see what happens there. And then man over there at Texas am where my niece and my nephew or at Neal and Emma man, they're going to go down to roll tide this coming Saturday. Some looking forward to that game, Texas him down in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but knows them a big roll tide fan. I'm ac- I'm probably have to place a bet. I'm not a betting man, but I might have to bend my niece, Emma nephew, a little bit of something own that game because they are down hard aggies fans. And every time I text them or talk to them on Instagram account, I put on air, go Agee's because misspell aggies, that's the thing in Texas. You always making fun of the aggies, but it's outstanding school. It's at engineer school, but the thing is you always make fun of the aggies, but they're so happy and proud to be down there. And I'm. I'm so proud of him for making it into that wonderful university, but they're going up to Alabama's. It's going to be a hostile environment as is Cal feel when opponents come to play at Texas a. and m. it's a hostile environment. So we'll see how that game goes over, but I'm looking forward to it and a lot of games and Brassica. Got dang, got blowed out. A couple of people got blowed out this weekend, but it was a great week of college. Football. I got a chance to hang around the crib and checking all out. But anyway, I'm running my mouth. I want to get to this conversation with Maxwell Jacob Friedman and it's guy towards in abide. Castings kinda take a left or right, whatever you wanna call it, but be that as it may has all the potential in the world. Like I said, he's still got work to do, but he's he's working on a real high level and we'll see where his career takes him. I think you're gonna join us podcast a whole lot, and I hope you do because I had a tremendous time topping this young man, but before we get to a big Ange can't pass 'em JFK keep in mind that while I'm here flapping my gums. There's millions of skilled workers out there, construction workers or utility repairman who make their living as doers. They keep the lights on the roads, paved the water flow in their unsung heroes who keep the world moving. In fact, this podcast might.

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Texas, Trojans, Football discussed on The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!

The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed! 1 year ago

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