Unesco, Israel, Hebron discussed on Global News Podcast - US Dumps UN Cultural Agency


We now lose that critical no vote and resolutions are are free to proceed with accents except that i suppose the the argument to be used that amine essentially your your accepting the criticism of unesco for having a slum to bias against israel for denying these radio the jewish cultural unreligious and historical links to sites in jerusalem the site in hebron and actually you know using your vetos one thing but actually walking away from the organization is is a braver emormous thing to do until late sort itself out i disagree it can affect change if you're not part of the organization and working to encourage positive change and also you know unesco is the only international organisation that teaches holocaust education and it often is able to teach holocaust education and countries that wouldn't accept it from not nutro platform like unesco it's the only organisation that is really doing anything serious to develop educational tools to help young people resist violent extremism and encourage tolerance and multiculturalism and if you're not they're encouraging the organization to move forward in the right directions in helping it to achieve those kinds of really important things it can effect change and why should the you know power like the united states let the palestinians and their supporters drivers out of an organization that we help sound and we're moving in the right direction these resolutions have achieved nothing and the entire time that they've been promulgated nothing except for rhetoric for domestic purposes they they lie on a shelf and they're not implemented because of our note will the withdrawal is not due to take effect until two pfister december 2018 in the interim if you were advising unesco is to how perhaps they could change in order to persuade the us to reverse its decision i mean there is walk know fourteen fifteen months to go.

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