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To to to spark you to get you going for those and make up some ground once again and get back on the winning side. But overall, I think people make so much out of it that if they can it's you know, they can sit back and take a deep wrapping. Okay. We did it right? Yeah. Robbery here at seven one six Mike Chopin, the bulldog bulldog is off today. Let's let's talk a little bit more about like the players in their perception of of fans. I could see a player resenting this crowd when Toronto is so much of it. Toronto represents so much of it or I could see a player not carrying about that or minding that understanding why that would be even being like motivated by there should be some naturally there should be some greater some reaction. A player would have this atmosphere compared with what the Florida game was. It is because the player may not say it or admit to it. But when you're in there, and there's say at your home building. And it's you know, Toronto is getting the reaction. They're getting you know, that that eats on you, and it does motivate you it's something that a lot of players say, we don't pay attention to the crowd. You have you do you get the feel for it? I don't care who you are. You get the feel for what's going on in the building the atmosphere. That's created you positive or negative. You kind of go ELL that is and. I think guys understand that. And I think they depend on it a lot. They they don't want to sit there and say, hey, we need the fans on our side. But I think when they are it makes such a huge difference because you're listening to this year how the fans are involved there because there's a good product on the ice. And they're being rewarded and the guys are playing. Well, so they get that field. They get that vibe from them. You know, they're always talking about it after the game. So is that right? I think they do. Yeah. They do and they they get a good feel for tonight. I think when it's not. But the big thing is I think as this goes on even though these two teams are are growing. I.

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