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To pardon texans fans in spite of what's been some razzle dazzle by the defense what everybody rally wants to talk about right now is the maturity is the potential but touchdowns from bishop sean watson third a goal for the three watson shot god split backs the shot fix the give throws to the fraud author mr watson dopp kit first are pouring it off mark vandermeer with the calls on the texans radio network watson at least at this point mitch trubisky is had two games under his belt but watson at least at this point is turning into the best qb draft pick of this most recent draft remember the texans moved up to get him but a bunch of team skift over him the bears moved up to get mitch trubisky the chiefs moved up to get patrick mahomes and in addition there was this rober well rumor does tom watson actually said and i don't know if it was pregame post game not exactly sure when he said this but that huge jackson of the browns texted him on draft eta's they get ready beat or your phone get ready now hue jackson's denies texting this alwasat nondraft day or about that particular draft but that at least was a story that was making the rounds on sunday so here's this on watson who's got a healthy motivation similar to aaron rogers in his draft when he dropped a 24th and watson becomes the first rookie quarterback with at least.

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