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We've been told a guy like everyone we are covering the virus announce changed the world pretty much every single episode and most of the time that just means one small corner of it but every now and then take step back and look at the big picture and that is the strategy for beating it back and eventually getting back to normal. Yeah so we didn't episode not too long ago a cold the fork in the road and it talked about how. Australia had an urgent choice to make. We could a lockdown completely very quickly and try to eradicate the virus all together leaving us with a separate economy until vaccine shows up in twelve to eighteen months New Zealand. Yeah all be. We could try to flatten the curve. Which is most people now? Know means keeping the right of infection to a level where our hospitals busy but won't be overwhelmed as the virus runs. Its course through the population and we ultimately emerged with what's usually referred to as herd immunity. Well didn't go down the elimination rate and we appear to go down the letting the Scott Mawson Brenham affi chief medical officer helping science and CNN Flattening policies are epidemiologist professor. Tony Blankley from the University of Melbourne. He says it looked. I like the government was picking option B. until the weekend when things took another turn for some it's ramped up the ball with a liberal special doesn't seem to be continued to grow hotter the meaning. We were at twenty five to thirty percent grass just over a week a guy on a daily basis at now we have come down in the last week to the low teens and the lightest advice. I have from the national incident. Santa this morning is that the last three days have pain approximately nine percent on average and that raises a beer interesting coin it would appear that means at least two different things. So he's my car fled to me at least means that we parse the team account and Thompson tykes water run free society but we still get to immunity Maine Sixty the population being infected. But if you look at the policies that places. Uk apparently here. It's quite a different goal. I'm living what we're trying to do. Is We try to treat this like an outbreak and just suppress much harm. Gone as possible and absolutely minimize. Now that might mean that Bar September August or we never heard us on the couch plus sittings that might be only teams seemed of us would have been infected. That's good there'll be fewer deaths brought. It means that we will not have achieved immunity and therefore needs to stay under the same special. Listen Mesia's for quite some period. Retirement is a vaccine about what Chinese describing here is a third party Middle Path. And that's the one. Australia seems to be taking right now. He's even come up with a name for it or on coaling squashing. The which is what we're the moment. Bisi trading like a Mass Pike Williams. Inhale hogging fiction goes but not quite.

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