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Is back with us. How you doing rosa. Hi hello I'm doing great. Thank you for having me back. I just hope you don't get tired of me. Never never always happy to have you on the show. And i'm excited about this one. This is going to be a fun movie to talk about. It's a It's very interesting one and you kind of brought to my attention. Actually you had been like really championing this film since you. I saw it the four year old version. And i hadn't even heard of it up until you brought it up But it is pretty damn good. When did you first see this. Yes i been. Champion said since. I walked out of that screening at sundance earlier this year which like decades ago. Yes i saw it over at sundance back in january. And i just fell in love with it i would. I was able. It spoke to me on on different levels and I'm glad i'm really glad that it's getting critically acclaimed makes me A firm that. I do have a good i for bills. I guess in a sense But it also speaks volumes of of how much How much is how needed It is to have diverse voices and diverse Visions on onscreen because it is such a a a a nuanced on so many levels that I'm pretty sure. That's one of the reasons why i stuck with mean so but yes no. I'm glad i'm glad you took up on on the offer and you watched it and you enjoyed. It really makes me happy. Watch it and liked it absolutely. Yeah it's such a relatable movie. And i mean of course i'm not a woman. I'm not a person of color but i am an artist and i did just turn forty and there's so much overlap in this movie For me as well as much as as it is for People who relate in other ways as well i. it's just a great story in a great performance and written and directed by its star rod a blank and it. Yeah it's going to be a phone for us to talk about. So i think we should just jump right in. We'll have plenty to say. What do you have for your first puzzle piece. Yes so for my first puzzle piece. I have a twenty twenty film that i. I'm not particularly sure if it may have influenced the making of this movie or not but it was one of the first films that came to mind while while watching this as well and that is twenty twenty. I'm pires versus the bronx. Yeah it's written and directed by a bios monitored rather years and i don't know have you had a chance to watch it. Its own net flex. I haven't i a lot of people talking about it though. Okay cool okay. So i'll try to not spoil us much but pretty much is just a group. It's like a comedy horror film following a group of teens Who are out to protect the neighborhood. of the bronx of course from vampire invasion wednesdays is the a metaphor for of gentrification and spoke on on so many levels. I reminded me so much on this. Of course depicting net and highlighting the theme of turf occasion and of course the location and new york s. wildland seen that the community The sense of community going around in the movie and the kids. The kids are very very adorable. And i'm very fun to watch on on the screen which aren't that far behind. An very reminiscent of of Rutta radha rattus students for the four of the forty year old virgin very similar amongst them. what else certainly Of course a social commentary and Yeah like i said it's on netflix. Twenty twenty film. You can watch a probably be perfect. Timing for a right around halloween but right a film that the i found a lot of similarities with and again a it's told the narrative division the lands through person of color although or you'll version is throw to a woman of colors. view Vampires in the bronx is through. Also a person of color The lens inside certainly a perspective that needs to be heard as very underrepresented right right. Well that's such an interesting puzzle piece to kick it off with because it's like obviously The genres so different. But then you know it's dealing with those specific issues and in such a unique way and you know one that. I didn't put on my list but i considered putting on my list. Was the last black man in san francisco which also like another very different movie but that also has to do with gentrification and and the changing times of that particular neighborhood and so yeah. It's it's an interesting Interesting thing that's kind of in the ether right now. That like people are wanting to talk about in unique different ways. Yeah absolutely and Yea i also was thinking about leftback francisco by. Yeah i had to leave it out too. Well i'll go into my first piece. And i'm gonna talk a little bit like i said i relate so much on the The artist Point of view here. And i'm going to go with the coen brothers inside. Lewin davis which is another movie that deals with a character who has had these successes along the way of their career. But there's a very real thing for artists where you can. Have you know all these little successes along the way and they don't quite add up to the fulfilling career that you're looking for that gives you the full amount of success that you're hoping for out of your life and out of your work out of your career and there's a great line in the film where she tells the kids. Don't think just because you created something people appreciate it and you know i. It's it's absolutely true. You know speaking as an artist it is so it's so difficult to you. Know get your work not not just not just heard or seen or whatever but appreciated in in you know the way that it maybe sometimes deserves and the way that Lewin davis in inside. Louis davis is always just on the cusp of breaking through to that next level but not quite getting there and we see rod here not quite getting to that next level despite clearly having the talent to get there and clearly being recognised at times through a career but still just not quite breaking through. Yeah i have not seen the film but uh based on your description only i. it's piqued my interest in your. Yeah it certainly her her her talent and her as an artist a screenplay as a writer. it was very at times to me very frustrating to watch The talent and she does carry yet she keeps getting getting like not let through so it was certainly something and i was. I was worried at the beginning. Because hip hop and film can be sometimes a little bit of a dicey thing like sometimes the songs really just. Aren't there even though the characters meant to be portrayed as as good at hip hop you know but but like as soon as she broke into poverty porn. I was like okay. Yeah no she. She's good he. Yeah yeah yeah absolutely. So what do you have your next piece so my next. Ps is a film from nineteen eighty. Hugh it's titled losing ground and it's an directed by kathleen collins I just recently discovered this film. While i was trained to do my research for for for the episode and.

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