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Fun. I'll tell you, I'll tell you twice. Real school like a thief in the night. 104 So they told me. Don't you adore me? So my cane nice and so sweet Little girls, Double Dutch on the concrete. Hey, maybe sometime way, so my morning things seemed to change. Yeah. Come on, They stay the same. Dutch hasn't taken a thing. Sure. Genes. Jane just Show, son. Blue as the sky sun Me booth Roadside. The boy's fool you I loved that from him. Time so Why stay? Stay changed. Don't you think it's strange? What your records so Sure. You just head Thank yourself. Turn out to be a ship. Oh, no, I didn't to touch me. Money. What is your problem, but so straight? She's your help you play the part. But you turning it on it like those are And this where you didn't know? No. Oh, underwear. She was sleeping, close growing, but now she's got the goods to class. Stop the O. Thank you. Only food, but when they find out if you could take it over, do you? Sure to be. Oh, hello. Didn't you used to say In my So stay That I was special to you was my phone to the devil Lost your pills. Does it keep you control for you to keep on? Okay? And you swear you didn't know You said you thought she was here to tell you. How could you really want to feel? But if it turns out that they can contract Oh, Two of you use your phone. No, you didn't You change your mind. I wanna be Oh, With powers. 104 Hampton Roads number one hit music station. We just can't bitches talk about before we get way. Never like this.

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