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Nickname. If here spend summer Gallon from network radio. Well, inflation returned this morning 0.4% for the past month that would annual eyes that 5%. Target Declaring retail mastery. Same store sales up over 17% KB Home announces earnings 20% above expectations The Dow at the current moment down about 85 points that's poised open below 30,900, West Texas Intermediate crude still on a roll 53 45 a barrel Spots in Macau and President McGowan Group network radio dot com. From the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo say your next update is at 8 24 7 coverage at WB ap dot com. There's a sign in the way of, says University of Texas winning tradition shall not be entrusted The timid nor the week. We need someone that was battle tested someone that understood what University of Texas is someone that understood that we are about winning championships. University of Texas athletic director Krystle Connie. Introducing seeds, turkeys and as the new head football coach of the Longhorns yesterday, down in Austin. Good morning from our Mercedes Benz of Plano Sports desk. I'm Steve Lamb, sir, Keys and hits the ground running because he knows there's an awful lot of work to do. Trying to put Texas back on the map in college football. He's been a head coach before was at Washington and USC after that, just leaving his latest opposite the offensive coordinator at Alabama pricey my mantra. This work will be all gas and no breaks. We will go to it. Full fledged will lay down on the hammer and go get it. Gas and no brakes. That's there. New way They're going down the road at Texas with 46 year old Steve Sarkeesian stars have more players than anybody else in the NHL dealing with covert 19 goalie Anton Khudobin telling you what it's been like for him dealing with coronavirus. Whatever eating you just don't feel What you eating, like using must potato. You don't know reefs, mashed potato. You're eating whatever. You don't know where he eating. To be honest, I mean, like you know what eating but you can taste the charge. You're supposed to begin the new NHL season tonight in Tampa Bay, but that's been postponed because of all the players they've got. Speaking of the NHL man scape, the leading brand and men's below the waist grooming and hygiene, has announced a partnership with another team. Last year, they signed with the L A Kings and now they haven't on ice presence with the Montreal Canadians that says they're committed to helping grow the sport of hockey and helping take their brand to the next level. This product range includes precision precision, Steve Steve is trying so hard not to lose in. There he goes there he goes right there, You know. What do you like Bigfoot? Go see these guys. They have precision engineered tools to ensure a simple and effective manscaping duty. Okay? He just wanted to say manscaping on the air. I think I think that only matters every thought I would say of the here Stop it. I think that only matters if their uniforms air clear. Cellophane uniforms. Otherwise, who cares if they're manscaping? Thank you, Steve. That's your sports feed, black eyed work or at home connected. Listen online on your smart speaker or by our W B. A. B F Now morning use with Al J and Brian Estrich on Newstalk.

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