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Own. This goes much deeper than that. So i don't know but it's going solid. It's a step in the right direction. Because he's a very capable coach he's going to be hard to accept a lot of atlanta united fans. I think is a very good coach. But this goes much deeper in deir eales carlos book negative and what they've not done since dot the montano. I think we have to just accept at this point that that dot com martino atlanta united was was lightning in a bottle. I don't think that's coming back ever and that's kinda sad for the people of atlanta because they had it as good as they're going to have. I don't know when they're going to get back to that. You mentioned aaron ails you mentioned carlos. Can i think it's absolutely fair to to point the finger at them. They missed on not just head. Coaching hires but also big signings. And now we see atlanta united as we mentioned on the last show getting turned away. Not just by coaches but by players Who they're trying to track down the guilty party to me the other concern here for atlanta united. If i if. I'm pointing fingers herk what about the players. I think these players got very accustomed to. How do i say this. Some of the freedoms that they were afforded under the martino and they've not been able to adjust and then now had multiple managers. Who whatever you want to say about the or whatever you wanna say about hindsight they they did have some track record of success before they got to atlanta and neither of these coaches have been able to get through to this dressing room. At what point do we start to say. Hey this is. On the players you constantly have player turnover and yukon rip apart. What is the starting lineup. How can you blame the players. Look at the atlanta united success years with dino brag zahn. Michael parker's Gonzalez beat you. Had you had in the middle llorente way. It's darren sorry nagy. Then you go go go joseph martinez were those players the gun you ripped apart. What was the spying ripped apart. What was the sole this team. And you're trying to plug them in here. You're trying to plug them in their throw money. Here throw money. They're thinking that's the solution when you had an actual actual roster. It's going to take time. You can just overnight. Constructed team atlanta united then in action herk over the weekend. Nice little match up to.

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