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Manner. Minute and passionless how brilliant, minute and passionless. So Laura, you picked up there what I think is one of the themes about the horror content of a lot of the stuff we're talking about, which is the relationship between women and men. And after something in disguise, she published the short story, mister Rome, which feeds directly into this. We don't want to say too much about that. She is married to happily married for a while at least to the novelist kings of the Amos. Bringing up, trying to help bring up his children and it would be good to hear, let's hear it from Martin amis again as a kind of witness to the differences between their methods to reading his father's method and Elizabeth Jane Howard's method as a writer. It was a very interesting contrast, Kingsley was a grinder. And no matter how hung over and terrible he failed. He would truck off fearfully into his study. He confided that every day he thought he would lose the neck. But he would go and put his nose to it and he would come out at the other end with 500 words, 800 words. Jane didn't disappear into her study to last possible minute. She would be gardening or cooking or staring out of the window, smoking. And then she would, in a flurry, she would disappear into her study. And you'd hear the mad clatter of the tight right of keys, and then she would emerge. An hour later, having written twice as much as my father would in a whole day, I liked mister wrong, which is the title story of a collection. Terrifying story about a murderer, marvelously sustained atmosphere and very well written in her way. My father used to pick on a grammar a bitch. You know, there wasn't textbook grammar, but it was always better than his so called improvements that he suggested, which were technically correct, but lost that instinctive flow that she had. How revealing that is, right? Pick on her grammar, right? Well, I just wanted to say something that's related to that. And.

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