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Fake jobs. We barely got should do man. There's been a lot of good news flying around these parts. Recently Dave's one hundred million dollar man. I feel like Yankee fans have been happy about all sorts of shit with their rivals mass pitcher they signed but nobody. Oh Buddy is having a better week than your boy. Trent trend is in the building. Big Daddy Iowa here Hello Aka K.. A. Luggage fucking guy. And now I mean I don't. I don't even know which. which is the bigger accomplishment? Luggage guy in the bachelor getting this. Tom Brady he quote tweet which just popped off about eight minutes ago and his poppin. Oh Yeah it's good. It just happened for us so four. Play our twitter account at four play. pod follow on twitter there the pelvic floor on this week. So there's a lot of celebrities and athletes that play and Peyton manning is playing so he just hit a shot and hit a close to the pen and we tweeted it and said Brady would have sunk this just a little chirp and Tom Brady Superbowl winning quarterback and won six of them casually as he said not true. Payton is the Gulf right now. He's had much more practice. These past few years I bohm in the he wasn't tagged in the League at TB twelve it was just break just brady would have sunk this and somehow brady eighty or his team came across it and whatever however comes. I don't care if the name on the on the handle. Is Tom Brady. That's what matters worse we're at about twenty thousand likes and thirteen minutes. Tom Brady needle especially when he's chirping. PEYTON manning followers right. Now keep an eye on that. I feel like it's impossible. You can go super super viral. These people don't follow as soon as it happened. I wrote down. How many four followers? So I'll let you know once I think if you're if like a- like a foreplay account you might grab followers versus a personal account. I think because when you go by somebody who will go viral now and it's just like well. That was a funny joke but I don't need to follow every day but if this is like okay. This is golf account. I'm going to get like interesting golf. It's just like an accurate. If you look at our tweets videos shout out to our producer Jake I gotta give him a shadow. That was his tweet he was. He's been tween often to Brady's producers who there is a producer right here. I think I think Brady definitely has a team to yeah to like. Put it in front of his face and behave. Just see this and then like I bet you Tom Brady says I don't know I was wondering about that very funny. He's Icefield witty. Sometimes I feel like it's him other times I feel like enhanced clearly not I'll successful dashing dashing dress very well I bet there are times when he'll duck and be like I got something maybe WanNa see about that but and but this one I also feel like maybe it is him because I don't know if if I was tweeting four somebody I don't know if I would take shots at people might not want like Peyton manning beef on his hands right. We talked about that whenever he commented on the seating season like there's no way that somebody that has access to his twitter account or is instagram account is just out there commenting on ass eating season. Four Tom Brady. Who thought that was Tom Brady yet? It has to be. You don't know sixer bulls in some aspects. No not yeah he did that lose your point. Were nobody somebody who was logged into the wrong account..

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