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That's witnesses search warrants subpoenas. You've got classified information. That's the Intel sources and methods. You've got ongoing case information. Like this stone case like the Michael Cohen casing, of course. Privacy information which protects uncharged individuals. It's unclear how much of the lengthy report will be redacted WG, y we'll bring you live coverage of attorney general William bars press conference on the release of the report this morning at scheduled to begin at around nine thirty and listen to WG y anywhere on your iheart radio app. Correspondent bills him for joins Chuck and Kelly for a preview at eight thirty five. Well, there's some good news in some of the latest population estimates from the census bureau on one hand the numbers say Saratoga county remains one of the fastest growing counties in the state. But even though the five county cattle region did see a slight growth in population metro has dropped to number sixty four in the country. Switching places with Knoxville Tennessee, only seventeen New York county showed a population growth last year as more people moved out for the south and the west plants. Are underway in Troy to demolish and abandon hospital building in Lansing. Berg mayor Patrick Madden's. Office says the city is now taking bids for ask bestest removal and the eventual demolition of the old Leonard hospital on new turnpike road hospital closed its doors more than twenty years ago. WG y morning news time eight oh three. Governor Cuomo is taking the so-called Goldstar Bill, and it was own hands. He's issued an executive order directing state education officials to cover tuition costs and room and board and SUNY and CUNY schools for spouses and family members of those killed or permanently disabled while performing their military duties, our new question as to whether those benefits should be expanded to cover those lost or disabled in performing military duties whether in a combat zone or not. My answer. Is of course. Yes. They should state legislature is now looking at a compromise Bill that would have expanded the merit and gold star program in twenty twenty governor says his order will take effect immediately. So new rules for ice agents in New York state office coordinator administration says immigration enforcement agents can no longer arrest. Illegal immigrants inside the courthouse unless they have a warrant from a judge a new rules to be the first of its kind in the country, which comes after a two year campaign from legal advocacy organizations. Go to do the time if union there were eighteen such cases in the region last year the agency can still make an arrest newer courthouse. State lawmakers are debating a Bill which would bar ice from arresting people as they're coming to or leaving court, Mike fabric, NewsRadio eight ten while. No, three one WG wine. WG Y morning news time is eight oh five our next update at eight thirty. I'm Reid shepherd. Now, more Chuck and Kelly on NewsRadio eight. Ten one zero three one WG y cattle regions breaking news, traffic and weather station. Thanks kelly. Thank God for good. Good security and good police work down in New York City. Looks it looks as if some nut was going to try to torch Saint Patrick's cathedral in New York City. Yeah. Walked right in gas cans lighter fluid lighters, and they nabbed him right away. This is this is a New York. Police department deputy Commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism John Miller..

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