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They probably just showed the highlight tapes of him at River and kind of forgot what he had done Atlanta United. To get that that extra four million because you know a player who was brought in and played thirty two games only five goals in that insists that that's not good enough. How how were you getting eighteen million dollars for a player who hasn't lived up to the bill? I've got seven goals. Eleven assists in thirty nine regular season games but it's still holds the thing that I would say about all this. Is that they didn't really give pity the best opportunity to succeed. I don't personally think Tom Martino was such an integral part of all of this and I'm sure that was part of what Pretty Martinez looked at it and said, yes, this is the right place for me to go Atlanta United I have sort of like a kindred soul I have a countryman Delina on. and. Even if they bring somebody else in sort of that ethos will stay this attacking style where I can get out and run be at my best because I'm at my best in the open field very similarly to mogilny he probably looked at me Ronin thought. Oh. Yeah. I can do all that I'm a more proven player than this guy I've done more than he has a club level by far. And it just didn't happen because they switched everything up they switched up their tactics the they switched up the star players going into this year. Their coach clearly did not have the locker room. There was a dysfunction at a lack of unity that definitely was not there before and now pretty Martinez is the guy who has to come in not knowing the city not knowing the league not knowing the situation, not knowing any of this and find a way to integrate without amount of pressure like the amount of pressure on him. Run didn't face that just have Martinez didn't face that I. I can't there haven't been a lot of players who have faced and I know he had that River Plate I know that he felt that there but this is different that was his home. That's where he belonged. That's where he was part of that community had to push his way into this one and it just never happened the thing I worry about. Forlani night enforced sort of the idea of we go to South America and pull the Army Rhone, which is get an up and coming talent and slip them Europe get money from it, and also increase our ability to recruit what does this mean for that pipeline. Because if I'm a twenty year, old twenty, one, twenty, two, twenty, three year, old Clare in South America I'm not thinking I want to go to Saudi Arabia twenty seven I'm thinking I want to go to Europe so it works like dollars and cents, but does work for their larger scheme. That is what I would ask. There's a question for you dave is putting as a bust, but we look back on this. Tenure transfer. This entire saga. Whoa Oh, the lasting impression be pretty. Martinez in Atlanta United probably nothing I think Atlanta. United fans won't talk about him. It'll be one of those things like remember when he played for them but I agree with what you were saying you were saying in Atlanta point of view of like. What does this mean for future signings? Actually think it might hurt the League in general. This was such a high profile move and had the ability I think to be game changing moving look Renault. So just signed. Christian Jones playing well, like there will still be good players coming from South America but PT was a unique one in that. He just won that award it just one Copa Live for river. Any was a little older than those guys I don't think it was A. Come here and then go to Europe move for PT I. Think this was where he was going to make his name and that is a really cool scenario to have had an MLS because guys like Larry Nacho biondi were in the twilight of their career and they did those things but not in the same way and I thought that this had a potential to be something special and I'm sad that it didn't have the sound from on the field because when he saw flashes. Of It the guy's awesome at soccer and he can be really special I. WE talked about it with Sleepiq not really good got and in this whole time of struggling was I to do interviews in a team. Let's be real that not everyone always wants to speak was always quick to answer and say it's on me never blamed Frank Deboer. said it even in Argentina all those things I think he's shown to be a good guy and I, thought it had the potential to. Be like this is it. Now, you can play at Flamengo or you complain MLS which would have been epic and it might still happen but that's too bad where they go from here I think what we've seen and what you have to be smart about right now is there a deals available and we've talked about it a little bit. The low end deals are going to get hurt five, million, seven, million dollars in below like Paul Scenario said, that's GonNa hurt molest molest Sally. But. I think what we've seen? Austin. She has done. There is moves out there available because the transfer markets are broken they're a little weird. Some teams are struggling so I don't think Atlanta guarantee either GONNA get someone. Have to be open to the idea that someone you didn't think you could afford or someone you didn't think you could get now is all of a sudden avail I completely agree with that. What I would say about pitying Atlan united is I think this will be remembered as sort of a package deal that will be remembered as a team that was at the very top or felt that way, and then I think the biggest mistake is the Frank Tibur mistake. That's the mistake that had the trickle down. Have the domino effect all throughout this robs or whether it be. Julian. G- wrestle or whether it be a Joseph Martinez reportedly wasn't happy a good chunk of last year pity Martinez Ezekiel. Barco. Like you needed somebody who was going to level up your investments and instead of doing that you had to hit the reset button like they basically, it wasn't a rage quit but they basically had to be like, oh, whoops up we hit the button and the weird the game got reset everything is lost our save his dawn we've got start over. There and it's incredible to me that this is where Atlanta united is given where they were posted less cup glow given where they were at the end of Summer Tinos ran given where they were and where we thought that they would be. Right now, and they're just not there. Would send someone into Summer Charlie. Would you go and make a big signing this summer? Would you replace Martinez or would you wait around and look for manager? We don't know maybe they I wrote this maybe they know who their manager is going to be, and they either can't get him out of contract right now or they're just not ready to announce it in the middle of this pandemic maybe they're already talking to somebody and saying you're going to be the guy who should we go? GET HELP GUIDE US I don't know that but I do think it would be. Rash let's say to continue on this same path where there's a disconnect.

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