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Is Matt Bigler with the KCBS special report twice some homeless think solar power is a bright idea we don't have to worry about where to charge and hang out in coffee shops key CBS news time twelve fifteen we had now do the case CBS sports desk and Bruce McGowan without Steph curry or Draymond green in the lineup the workers have little chance of beating the powerful and deep LA clippers one thirty one to one oh seven the clips one easily on Tuesday night at the chase center in the city it looks like the crowd was considerably smaller than normal perhaps because of the coronavirus crisis coach Steve Kerr was asked about that after the game I don't think we gave the fans much reason to cheer me we were down big right away it looks like the the crowd got bigger as the game went on I thought early as the game began it didn't look like there are many people here and then later in the game it looked like it was much more filled in we're out of that game pretty quickly so I didn't expect to feel much energy from the crowd good game for backup forward Dragan Bender who was signed recently to a second ten day contract he had a career high twenty three points and seven rebounds Andrew Wiggins had twenty one Kawhi Leonard led seven clippers in double figures with twenty three other key games around the league Brooklyn nets with Spencer Dinwiddie hitting a key shot at put Brooklyn ahead with under thirty seconds to play beat the Lakers in L. A. one oh four to one oh two Damian Lillard back in the lineup for Portland the open product with twenty five points Blazers a much needed victory at home one twenty one one oh five over the Phoenix Suns Celldex blew a nineteen point advantage but then held on for a one fourteen one eleven victory over the Pacers in Indianapolis finally in college played the St Mary's Gaels upset bid fell short in the west coast conference tournament championship game on Tuesday night in Las Vegas second ranked Gonzaga beat the rival gales eighty four to sixty six despite twenty seven from Jordan Ford of the Gaels at the sports desk Bruce McGowan.

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