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One minutes, at our Friday edition of pro football talk. Live the Indianapolis Colts will eventually play their preseason slate and they have their their starting quarterback back although that b roll industry term if you're watching. On NBC, it shows him without, a regulation size football he has been throwing a real football and we'll see him. Throw a real football coming up in the preseason opener according to Albert breer dot com Frank Reich the head coach says the plan is, to play luck a little. Bit more than he would normally play if we'd had a, normal year last year meaning we, will see him more in the preseason opener than. The typical one or two drives which is usually, all that you see of a starting quarterback in the first preseason game unless it's all a fame game. Then you don't see the starting quarterback at, all They don't want overact he'll get enough snaps. In recreate enough out there in. Practice by the way they, practice in the speed at which they practice. Situational stuff they practice they have to build a confidence lever according to Reich he needs to get his snaps and maybe a little bit more but. I'm not, going to be dramatic, with it so they had a guy has a law season a lost year they. Have to get him ready to play professional, football when the regular season begins stats who to the colts open up with I mean he, needs to be ready to. Go out of the gates do you have it handy preseason, they play Seattle week one no, the Rio games they're getting ready for week one Anyway they need to get him ready. For Cincinnati that's a. Winnable game? For, the colts, and they need that confidence that comes from showing. Up doing what you used, to do feeling like you can do it. Well and getting it done making a, little bit harder for the. Colts the observation that. MD s made yesterday. That with the retirement of Jack MU Hort the colts. Have completely lost their draft classes for twenty thirteen in, two thousand fourteen makes it hard to lay the foundation for the future went to. Full draft classes are. Just simply gone from the roster so the colts and when you look at a couple of games early on to ease Andrew luck back. In you've. Got the Bengals you've got out Washington then it gets, a little more difficult I would say eagles Texans patriots yeah that's, a that's a trio of games that they'd better. Have Andrew luck ready to go and and this would be great. For football if he's back and he's playing well and the division is better the Texans are better the titans are better the. Jaguars made, it to the final four last year so the colts have. Their work cut out for them? And Andrew luck is going? To, be getting more. Weak and more work in the Preseason opener coming up next weekend the patriots have a new receiver Jordan Mathews is gone he had that. Hamstring injury that we heard about he was cut in a heartbeat Eric decker is, in Eric decker a guy who was at the top of. A lot of free agent receiver lists for guys available now right with Dez. Bryant teams have Dez Bryant Eric decker right there at the same. Level decker gets the gig in New England remember when he was looking for a job, early this year he, said he'd like to. Play New England that, came out after the Julian Edelman suspension. While it finally happens. Eric decker? Makes, his way, to the patriots fifty four catches last year as. A member of the titans, he was very productive in his time with. The jets remember he started with the, Broncos went to the jets. On a big contract. That ended up with. Tennessee last year and now Eric decker who add more. Receiving yards with the titans then a very long list, of guys currently on the roster in New England Chris HOGAN had fewer Cordell Pat Patterson Kenny Britt Philip door. Wasn't SIMS yesterday trying to make the argument, Cordell Patterson is, going to be a factor in, that receiving game no he's not. Never has been you. Did laugh off yesterday very impressive how Cordeiro Patterson. Has reinvented himself as a football, player to have relevance because he. Never developed as a receiver and the Vikings tried and tried and tried and finally in his contract year, because they didn't pick up fifth year option, because he was a bust as a first rounder but in his fourth year that's. When they started using him as a Swiss army knife where, he's contributing all over the field he's involved as a running back he's involved in special. Teams play a or, on the punt team and that attracted the raiders. To him but then the raiders ship them to New. England and I think Bill Belichick likes guy who's versatile. But he still has to make the roster and even if he does I don't see him being out there in the starting lineup at receiver Eric Reed scheduled to visit the titans. Today after Jonathan Ciprian went down with a tornado that's a starting safety on, the, titans defense multiple free, agent Safeties Kenny Vaccaro for. Example also read there may be others I saw several names. Pop, up yesterday. Guys who have. Just been hanging around that. Free agent. Safety market has been a rough one this year read would be an intriguing choice because he has a pending collusion grievance against the NFL just like Colin Kaepernick so the idea that the titans would bring him in a little surprising if they signed him it'll be even more surprising. And I don't think they, sign him without some sort of off the record nod from three forty five Park Avenue and it. It wouldn't be a surprise if. They try to bootstrap that into a settlement of collusion grievance if, someone is giving him a job but. Again no guarantee that he's going to actually have. A spot on the fifty three man roster just, because he comes in now as part of the ninety man roster Norv, Turner had a comment yesterday caught my eye twenty five to thirty touches. Per game is realistic for running back Christian McCaffrey of Carolina now when you compare that. To Ron Rivera saying that he envisions two, hundred rushing attempts For the year for McCaffrey I did the Matt that means the. Christian McCaffrey will be the new all. Time single, season reception leader by fifty seven receptions because the records one forty three set by Marvin Harrison McCaffrey to average twenty five touches a game and if he rushes the ball two hundred times this year he would. Need to catch two hundred passed so congratulations Christian McCaffrey get ready to send your cleats. In your gloves to the hall of fame you're gonna have one hell of a year NBC sports radio update starts now It's hall. Of fame weekend in the.

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