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The humidity in the air today and is going to get worse apparently have the fourday wbz accu weather update now with meteorologist pamela gardner overnight tonight partly cloudy skies and some ground fog settling into the typical spots that sia low temperatures in the mid to upper 60s in a south west breeze friday increasing clouds you'll notice the humidity goes up just a little bit late shower chance high of 81 scattered rain and thunderstorms especially early on saturday mostly cloudy in the afternoon more humid in seventy six degrees partly sunny sunday muggy eighty five partly cloudy monday and eighty four i'm wbz tv meteorologist pamela gardner wbz newsradio 1030 in foxborough right now eighty nine degrees that's toasty eighty four partly sunny and cbs this fall the fight against terror we have an opportunity to snatch a high level i saw commander libero shah was seals or greatest weapon he sees this as out there send in august but she to see us oh best boilers wbz news time three thirty five in a new report is blaming president trump poor huge price increases for those buying insurance under the affordable care act i'm peter king the nonpartisan kaiser family foundation reports says the white house has created uncertainty and that's what's driving premiums upper million of obamacare clients kaiser senior vice president larry levitt it may not be the end of the story i mean insurers have another week to finalise their premium increases and they've got till the end of september two nine contract for 2018 levitt says the administration is sending mixed signals on subsidy payments to insurers and enforcement of the individual mandate he says a george companies as a result of raising rates to protect against laws or they're getting out peter king cbs news lowering numbers on wall street will check those next via sunday at one shot at this guy was to his expense as los angeles naval criminal investigative service no the cuts onto fine we need to go undercover no in order to four running at a time no limits gone off for this there's no book for this don't miss cis los angeles via sunday.

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