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Victory there is no survival no survival for the british empire he gets more and more furious with india because it becomes clear that it cannot be held you've written that having defeated the nazis churchill's singular preoccupation turned toward preserving the empire particularly india how did he go about that he wasn't a waiting for the nazis to be defeated before he did what he thought it would take to hold india primarily by denying the indian request for a promise of self government after the war and he did all he could to implement divide and rule tactics by encouraging for example the muslim league and the ambition to partition india since the indian national congress had said it would participate in the war gladly if it could be promised selfgovernment after the war and churchill refuse to do that in august nineteen forty two gun t declared what he called the quit india movement and british responded with ferocity using the troops that they had in india ten thousand people died crowds was strafed about ninety thousand people were arrested with gandhi and all of the major leaders in prison and no one left in india to speak for the indian people the bengal famine comes about precipitating famine at least toying with the idea of eugenics sterilizing prisoners yeah and the subjugation of brown people on three continents this is all unambiguously monstrous why do you suppose that particularly on this side of the ocean we've been so eager to just ignore that and embrace the man for his war heroics but i think the simple answer is what.

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