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So that they all match I actually will because we'll be getting another one for another channel at some point. Did you know that I'm going to get another gold from swiping Spanish, I'm gonna do three more videos. We're going to get one for this channel. We haven't even pushed this channel the at all the L tasty. Channel thing is we don't want to put a I'm scared now to like talk to you guys in my audience and be like come over here to bacon baked or come over here to let's look cars because all the pieces of shit, our ESL ammonia drain. Yeah. They look all of them. So I don't I don't want those guys to know. I'm doing anything else. I rather than think I've I died or I'm gone look. They're just a bunch of people that want attention a bunch of. Ruining it for anybody else. Not for me for angry about a yells. I get it. I get it. So I don't wanna do that. Well, I will tell you. I've been monitoring a lot that's going on in this chat. And these guys have been dope in there. And it's getting it's getting less and less toxic. That's why I that's why bringing people from the main channel that are linked to the terrible people. Yeah. Yeah. I know what I mean. My jetty is to turn off turn out. The car was loosened signal with my key and shutting up wasn't him will immobilize issue. So the car can have that. Because what what he does balence car? It freezes all of Hewlett trunks freeze and the carshield's off as you're driving. It does that make sense. It's not turning up saying, you don't have a key or or missing it or losing power or anything like that. It's the computer. Thank you for calling us pieces of shit. I'm flattered. Albert, no one called you that don't lie. Did Did it? it? Name name that tune which one Duda Duda. Duda. Duda to bounce cabal to the ban on down. No ideas. Guys will know they watch. You'll see they'll start pouring in here in just a second. You're gonna love this seat. Boom, boom already got valley. Dude, five thousand mill city like these guys. I never heard that song. Nel ron. I never heard that song. You guys you guys clearly all jazz, man. Doug, Doug, funny. No skater Patti mayonnaise. No, pork chop. Doug. Nettie knows. No the Doug funny. Doug funny. He's Doug funny. Doug news Doug with a big nose here cartoon. Yeah. Dude in Spanish, he was gold dogma Dina's. Yeah. Yeah. Which is with the big nose..

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