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We have an from Fort Worth Texas. And thank you very much for playing. Hello. How are you in? Wait does sound sweet doesn't she? Actually, that's Mike plus nine oh, I see. Sweet sweet. So don't let that name for you. She's got a steely interior, and she's gonna take this contest. Okay. We'll see. All right. And since you are are you picked the first column sports, entertainment, president, money or female. I how would you like to start? Female per female. I think. Oh, thank you. I hope you're having a wonderful day. Daycare. Thank you, sir. All right. Let's get. Let's get. Let's get going female. I all right. And who was the first female U S secretary of state. Oh, I'm gonna say Madeleine Albright. Okay. You're still in control. You can go to sports entertainment, president or money. Sports out of the way, that's probably gonna be my weakest, okay? Without going over. How many gold medals did? Mark Spitz win at the nineteen seventy-two Olympics. Or seven. Over. Let's say five Kirk your answer. I think it was. Seven. You're right. You're now in control of the board. You have entertainment left your providence. You have money. Track money. Okay. Kirk without going over. What was the largest note ever printed by the bureau of engraving and printing what is the largest denomination? Without going over. Thousand dollar note ten thousand dollars an what's your answer? Say ten thousand. Fifty thousand the answer was one hundred thousand so and you are now in control. We have president's left, and we have entertainment. Entertainment entertainment, who was the artists and who created Batman. Family. Kirk. Oh, man. I don't know. Who the artists created? Artists that getting. I would be happy. And how.

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