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All right woman to another episode of piecing together the podcast where we take a look at a new movie and try to figure out what movies inspired it and today on the show we are talking about blinded by the light a movie about how amazing bruce springsteen is well. It's not really about just that's about a bunch of other stuff too but it is for all intensive purposes. The bruce springsteen movie and i had a lot of fun with this one and a lot of fun with the conversation with jason harris who hasn't been on the show since last year but i have been producing his awesome move year podcast so we've done quite <hes> bit of podcasting together over the last year just not here on this show but we're getting back for another episode soon so it's always fun having him on so. Do you know i want to just say we're just getting to the end of august right now. We're about to enter september. August has been an awesome month for the podcast cast lots of growth lots of new subscribers lots of downloads and lots of new social media connections and all that and i just wanna thank you all who are out there listening to the the show we really are happy that you're out there and enjoying the show and <hes> yeah just want to say thank you if you have not you can go to our apple podcast page page and rate and review us five stars would be amazing but we want to hear what you think of the show. We wanna keep making it better for you. You also follow us on social media at piecing pod and join our facebook group popcorn and puzzle pieces so at that all said let's jump into this conversation about blinded by the light which should still be in theater so so if you haven't seen it yet go see it because not enough people are seeing it but we'll get into that conversation as well towards the end of this whole overall conversation. I'm saying the word conversation station a lot but you know what that's fine. Let's get into the conversation <music>.

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