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Number one contender at one hundred thirty five pounds. And now he's joining us via the magic escape their years. Magic Marla mariah's, Marlin how are you? I made the way that comb everything good. I'm safe, and I'm happy with with the Victor what congratulations on the victory. What a performance to you. I have to ask you, first and foremost, how are you feeling Marlin because in the post fight interview, you told us about a very tough week that you had you had the runs which is the worst thing in the world. How are you feeling now? Away that I never had anything in the fight week before. And I never thought about a lot of the fight any fight. And I start thinking a lot on my room Ling star fighter was eleven well in never pull out a by an imagine. I I have diarrhea people going to say there, you know, him pull out of five with that. You know, you've any idea how that happened why you were sick or what happened to and think is something with for Brazil? I heard a lot of a lot of people from the U of C grew. They got it two of my coach guarded some of the fighters. Got it. My my phone. My brain Ford, Sade normal medoff opponent daughter. I think it's like a virus and grazie hours very weak. And when when when I got it I spend almost all day night. I couldn't sleep at all. And I woke up Wednesday, and I have to you have the Dacian and was very hard. But those today. Out meow out of date night going there, you know, and leave everything that had come Saturday. You're in the locker room, you're preparing are you still feeling sick? Or at that point. Did you feel like it was behind, you know? No, I was fine. Like, some some medicine, and and help me, you know, with my stomach because may head to I wasn't wasn't stopping at all how close were you to pulling out? Man. I thought about. I don't want to allow so got co somebody. I gotta cross about it. That's not going tell me to pull out, and I said, man. Would Nabet will out of fi. And I thought about and then I know somebody I called sprint yet. He was seventy and and he will uplink, man. What's going on? You know, happened now everything. Okay. As knocked gay men. I was all night on the backbone. I don't know what to do out to get better. And he liked men. Don't word only Wednesday, you're gonna find the FICO villainous bad. Gonna get better door. Nice to have one of the toughest people ever in the sport. And I just I just forgot about. And I just thought about get better in mentally. I thought about man when we rear, cutting weight, we're gang ourself. They're hydrated though. I'm they're hydrating. And just the scent. I'm gonna be better. I'm gonna be back. I'm gonna be able to buy you don't usually seem to need need help cutting weight to this. This really help you did you feel like it was actually happening faster as a result of how you were feeling. The problem is our spilling very weak. So I was drinking coconut water. I was ringing some Louis. Oh, my weight wasn't going down. I couldn't let this happen. I need to manage. And I think the gut was just stem. But I just felt felt we could you know, and even Wednesday. I went in the locker. On the elevator. I was going to do the you can see man if you want the m made jonky and the interviews that was on Wednesday. That wasn't myself. I wasn't them very very very sick. And I did all the nations. And I went inside the elevator. And who comes in rough hours down, father and broaden? And they look they look at me. And they like men you. All right. And I look at them. Yeah. Yeah. I'm good. I'm fine. How fun, you know? How other fine at all. Did you feel like you needed to end the fight quickly? Because of how you're feeling no man when I walk into that I already man, I'll sparring everyday just get rounds. With Sabih Kim were volley Sii mod. These guys are like these, you know, they get ready for anything and brain camp or very good. So I was training hard and putting myself in a worst case. Scenario so bad day being a little sick..

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