Marc Cohn, Boston, FAA discussed on WBZ Morning News


Marc Cohn and here's what's happening Boston med flight helicopter pilot is out of a job and the FAA is investigating after the pilot fell asleep in June while transporting a patient the company says the sleeping pilot over flew the designated helipad before completing the trip without incident and no one was injured the pilot is no longer employed with the company Boston med flight says its investigation pointed to fatigue is a factor and it has engaged with fatigue management and safety consultants to review its policies and procedures Boston med flight is a non profit that's been operating for thirty four years and call this an isolated incident four people were taken to the hospital after an ambulance collided head on with another car and rolled over on route one fifty one in Falmouth this happened yesterday afternoon WBZ TV is Julie McDonald says the crash occurred after one car failed to pull over to let the ambulance pass police said other cars along route one fifty one had been pulling over to allow that ambulance to pass when two people in a Toyota Camry crossed the center line to avoid those cars and collided with the ambulance had on the impact because any ambulance today and beer into a jeep grand Cherokee before came to arrest on a driver's side ambulance was on its way to film of hospital with the patient and did have its emergency lights flashing to match be paramedics and a patient in the ambulance are among those brought to the hospital with non life threatening injuries evidence police officer is recovering this morning after being shot yesterday afternoon Matt McGloin a ten year veteran of the force was part of a swat team surrounding a home on Douglas Avenue which they approached with their guns drawn Providence police chief you Clemens says the officer was not seriously injured also comes over.

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