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Oh, six a newer quake early. Warning system has been deployed in California. Komo's Charlie Harger tells us about shake alert is not much time. But better than no warning at all Caltech seismologists, Tom Heaton, says you'd get a few seconds warning up to a minute. We cannot predict. Greg, but we can tell you an earthquake in his on its way to you. Right now the app is for residents of Los Angeles. And is part of the broader earthquake early warning system being deployed along the west coast on clear when something similar it will be available in Seattle and the rest of Washington state. Charlie Harger, KOMO news state, attorney general Bob Ferguson's office making the announcement today of debt relief for more than three thousand Washingtonians totaling more than seven million dollars career education corporation is accused of deceptive practices at its many institutions in our state both were in Tukwila Lacorte on blue and international academy of design and technology, which was later known as Sanford Brown both are closed now. See misled students about the cost of enrollment and Ferguson's office says they also misrepresented job placement rates for past graduates, telling students that credits from their institution could be transferred to other institutions when they could not some students incurred huge debt, which will. Now, be forgiven under the settlement. Carleen johnson. Komo news. A federal judge has ruled in favor of a man who was fined by the state of Oregon for criticizing red light cameras. Come as Corwin Hake reports. A traffic ticket launched the strange saga nearly six years ago. Supporters of Swedish electronics engineer Matt's. Yarl's drum are calling it a victory for common sense, not to mention free speech after his wife was ticketed by a red light camera in two thousand thirteen Yarl's trim wrote to the state's board of engineers using mathematical formulas, he pointed out flaws in the states, automated traffic light camera system. Namely that the signal timing is outdated formula is limited Tony straight through lanes. However today, it's misapplied to turning lanes where we need to slow down maneuver safely. The board thanked him for his expertise and fix the problem. Right. Yeah. No, they actually open an investigation into y'all Trump and discovered as a Swedish national, he's not licensed by the board that body. Find him five hundred dollars for practicing engineering without a license practicing engineering. I was just talking civil rights attorneys seized upon his right to talk and to constructively criticize the government, y'all strum ended up telling his story on sixty minutes and this week US magistrate judge in Portland ruled the law under which y'all Strom was fined is unconstitutional and that the state had illegally infringed on his first amendment rights. Anyone should be able to talk.

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