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Pool now more boji here at petco park and the last night the Padres your old organization they had a little tribute to that they had put together for it before the ball game now what what were the kind of thing what did they give you out there we saw we saw a bottle of silver oak which is fabulous wine that was about the size of a of a car the day that they had to do it yeah I know we're a very very nice of them and you know again DO not some I would just go out looking for now but for them to do that was very generous you're right I got some wind so I'll call holes it's the constant it's a great it's it's award guarantee I think I don't know why I don't I don't think I have a reputation but maybe I I I don't know enough about myself but anyway now got some vision rides and lifetime vision Lysons and collage so so they'll really neat things and very nice although a lot of people are still here and the were working when I was here before I left so nice gesture on their part a lifetime fishing license what does that mean whatever means I don't ever have to buy another fishing license you know the ever yearly when you get it every year but you can buy a lifetime one and so I was given a life time fishing license so yeah now I hope I live longer published on to a batting left handed which is better stronger side except this year he's looking pretty good right handed right now I agree with you I think this through hard work me was not automatic out but he's pretty close to it there for a couple years of that can Boston so they try to just a room Hitler fan against lefties but in other words I was not as virtual mark run now right handed gets a big heads I does up there that's words about theirs was impressive yet two strikes on me at the ball the ball park all right so here we go the giants and the Padres game two of the series.

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