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To just ask you to leave well that we have according to the Idaho statesman and a police report they did they had tried the bigger to leave for an hour and according to a police report she just refused and then she was pulling down barricades are apparently according to the Idaho statesman she I guess has she might be one of these people that supports this anti vaccination there lata activists in that community I you know I try to be respectful of all that even though I I'm you know what you do with the polio vaccine the mumps you know what if people don't if there's not some level it's about you know I want to give people all the freedom in the world but it raises tough constitutional issues if people are are you know really against these things does the government now step in and force them or people that don't even believe in medical treatment we've had that with different religious sects all right Martha McSally and Marsha Blackburn bill o'reilly all coming up your Houston's news weather or traffic plus breaking news twenty four seven he's newsradio seven forty KTRE radio station from the gallery furniture made in America studios Houston police officers may not enforce the massport got better it's three thirty on this for your son forty K. T. R. H. rather weather together here's could be longer not a bad deal on the mailing so we did have an accident Westpark tollway eastbound at Dundee but they have clear that for the shoulder system recovery has been that picked up is not an issue anymore to ninety westbound at twenty nine twenty the right shoulder style led to come and north south on the west that we teach that I get to London for the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center well all day most of the active weather's been off to the north of the.

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