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After we completed our Friday show last week one eight hundred eight four week WABC one eight hundred eight four ninety two twenty two we'll tell you all about that self. What's your phone calls into these words? Morning. Hey, folks have already given up on your New Year's resolution to lose weight. I hope not you've been struggling for so long. Really don't give up. Please. Why spend another you struggling you can go to nj diet dot com and sign up and lose weight quickly quickly and easily, and you had a bunch of people who are looking out for you. Dr teen is team of passionate doctrines at nj diet in the medical staff. They're all over you. And they're gonna make sure you lose this way. You can lose twenty to forty pounds or more with nj diet. The new slogan is the forty challenge that can last a lifetime and nothing is more. True. They have a lot of new offices as well. Couple of offices wanted Shelton. Connecticut, rocky hill, Connecticut, of course, White Plains New York and offices all over tristate area, folks. So it's easily accessible, and it's up you should do for your health, really and your appearance. Vanity nj Diet's guaranteed program starts with bio energetically personalized opponents based on your saliva and blood work hair. Of course, it's very individualized. Very scientific. Nj diet then uses DNA testing to create your ideal diet plan and workout regime to help you keep it off of the rest of your life. You're not sure you can do it alone. Nj diet is with you. Every single step of the way, you're fully monitored. As I mentioned by their certified staff.

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