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Was I'm Jack Spear. Visiting our Ford plant in Michigan today, President Biden made his case for his $174 billion electric vehicle plan, the president calling for government grants for new battery production facilities to help haste in the electrification of the U. S auto industry at a time, Biden says China's clearly leading in that area keep part of electric vehicle is the battery. Right now, 80%. The manufacturing capacity. Those batteries is done in China, along with more money for battery production. Aqui centerpiece of the administration's plan is $100 billion in consumer rebates, Whoever, according to a White House fact sheet, the initiatives will not go towards expensive luxury models. Law enforcement officers who shot and killed a black man last month in Elizabeth City. North Carolina, will not be facing charges. Remember Station W. U. N C will Michael's reports the local D A found the police shooting of Andrew Brown Jr was justified The past contained. County sheriff says deputies were attempting to serve search and arrest warrants when they closely surrounded Brown's car. I told him to put his hands up. District Attorney Andrew Womble claims Brown then began to use the car as a deadly weapon. When he tried to get away. He had two choices he could comply. Or he could try to flee. And when he tried to flee, he put their lives in danger. Marble said he did not know if any deputies were injured. He shared about 45 seconds of body camera footage, but would not show more video or provide a copy of the investigation. Attorneys for the Brown family are demanding the release of both For NPR News. I'm will Michael's in Elizabeth City Secretary of state, Antony Blinken, his camped up his scheduled visit to an Arctic Council meeting and Iceland. It comes as the Biden administration tries mostly remotely to resolve a spiraling conflict in the Middle East. NPR's Michele Kelemen is traveling with the secretary. Lincoln is here in Reykjavik for an Arctic Council meeting, trying to stay focused on sustainable development in the region in combating climate change, But he's dogged by questions about the Biden administration's approach to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. It's important to note that we are engaged In quiet but very intensive diplomacy in a nephew to de escalate the U. S. Has prevented the U. N Security Council from issuing a statement. Blinken says the Biden administration wants to make sure that any statement or action actually advances the objective to bring the current conflict to an end. Michele Kelemen NPR NEWS Reykjavik White House officials, according to a memo obtained by The Associated Press, want to quell any fears about inflation. And slower than anticipated the hiring levels as the U. S emerges from the Corona virus pandemic, According to the memo, which is targeted it. Senior administration officials and members of Congress administration's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief measure has helped to boost growth. On Wall Street. The Dow was down 267 points today. This is NPR. Dr Charles Grodin, who played the title character in the comedy The Heartbreak Kid, has died of cancer at his home in Connecticut. He was 86. NPR's Bob Mondello has this remembrance. He was the obstetrician who gave Rosemary's baby to a coven of witches, the hapless owner of a Saint Bernard in the Beethoven movies. And the man who met the girl of his dreams. Just a little bit late in the heartbreak Kid..

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