White House, Bill Clinton, Atta discussed on Big Time Dicks - Hollywood and Democrats' Twisted Best Friendship


That he doesn't quite hold the same power in politics that he does and although it hollywood and democrats have long been friends like during the elaborate us they are literally best friends yeah i mean he that and now a sort of i think began with with well in the clinton age but also with weinstein specifically he was there like he was at these is paying a lot of money and then getting into these dinners at the white house with with bill clinton there's also an interesting thing back in the two thousand election uh when it was al gore verses george w bush was as we all remember wine seeing that was also in a much more limited sense use i mean right now basically harvey weinstein is being used as like a primeau example of liberal hypocrisy of like this guy who spouse liberal values gives money to liberal causes is like doing all this other ship behind the scenes i like that it's a liberal value to not sudden harass right exactly yes i'm glad to be on that side that i've resonates atta as yet my voter registration just like not indissoluble igor opened hearty so hunger his campaign one of his big campaign talking wentz was criticizing violence and sex in films that are being shown to minors which is like first of all can you imagine if that was a big campaign duck like a cannon dozen time now is telling team these are not a naive yeah i'm so back then this was uses of kind of big sort of talking point by george w bush's campaign cause harvey winds he was a big uh al gore supporter and argue on scene was sort of he was behind a lot of these films so to a lesser extent he was used as.

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