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The old ones. He's he said the old new cell he only set to off again. So Nick last week I gave his picnic was plus five, hundred, thirty, nine bucks return on investment twenty, one percent. So let's see. He picked Frankie I. Go to beat Pedro. Munos. he lost. As I did with Austin Hubbard over Joe Celeski fight shop Joe. I think he was he beat the over three hundred rounds for Moon Yo Frankie Edgar. He picked under the one half rounds for the shops and fight God. If you would've picked Shane adopted would imagine her. You'd be someone bet twenty, five, thousand against her. What did he do? So he did he did pretty good. He would. Basically even. A you know you want three out of his seven bats he's still plus money. So which is good La-. Nick picks last week this week he has straight pick Yon Liba. Hawk Plus Yup plus two, eighty, the hulk, and then he has impact IMPA. MINUS ONE, thirty, five straight pates only two picks Nick Knicks picks lazy about that due to pick son. To Guardia picks, but he also said. I'll here you go with me he goes I, think I my Smith to forgets to plus two fifty. Okay. I'M GONNA watch more racket fights but I think I like Smith as that dog man. There you go. And then I'll be watching a close eye on Alexa Grasso. Yes. So I. WanNa. See if we can see his teeth here. I'll get those pick teeth out anthony. We are you'll see two fifty to look at the fucking grill on it changes so much what a nine piece. WHO Team all grill him and Dan till with the grills I'm a rapper. Wow. Is Great Teeth Yeah. So it's a good thing because this nature want to give man my bottom ones I could definitely you empty Smith is fucking big dude phenomena commentator to he's great. He's great man such a big future for him. His teeth are almost distracting. I gotta be honest in that picture of the distracting. Dead Him did he get it done in Denver? What are we talking about? Dude you should. You should have him on. By we really should get on his teeth, we'll get him on. Once he is through this ride this this ride. What's once he gets done with this fight will get him out here. Forget great teeth. We're talking about a steep. On and look I wanNA know how much it costs, and if insurance covers any of the Dow at sucks I've looked into it is not cheap. Veneers are. Not Cheap. You to hear those bums are you know side I always hear them sometimes it's lose bombs or those regular people. Sometimes, it's women homeless women and sometimes homeless men. But they go crazy they go after it tough. Homeless people he can't call them bumps like condoms you know. Yeah. But homeless. They're a crappy situation. Yes not fun situation. You deal with them all time downtown right Oh. Yeah. You know there's sometimes there's like fans of the show they'll see me walking by and then the what I hate is I give money a lot sometimes to the to the homeless people, but then I can't continue to do it every single time, right? Yeah. But then there's times when I. Refuse. And then a fan will come by saying, Hey, matt very big fan of the show whatever and I feel like I just showed this guy that I didn't want to pay this homeless person no, no get Outta Dude. Just, a lot of times all you're doing is enabling them for more drugs. Let's be real. I mean if I. I I. Remember when I was in. San Jose, we're walking around. There's a you know kids get man. There's a mom with a kid there. She's holding a sign like need money kids hungry Matt gave them all a few hundred dollars and then I was walking this cops a k. dude she's there every week man she's husband picks her up his a nice car like tall also noticed no locals fuck with it's all a hustle. God it's so disappointing are some of those before Kidman Fan Questions Fan questions this soda below the belt is brought to you by on it audit dot com slash big brown ten percent off I keep telling us every damn week you need supplements go to on it you protein powder you need fricken Krill oil joint oil what do you need mctl need a are you on a Diet Kito we got you need Coffee Black rifle on it fuck yet coffee have caffeinated Chris Stalls in their coffee. Man will wake your ass up. It's a deep robust roast is one of my face man that's fuck. Yet coffee black rifle. It collaborate together on dot com slash big brown temps off the entire damn site you fit this gear we got your battle ropes, sandbags, steel club maces, kettlebells. On training at home on it six, they got the whole variety. You have no more excuses not again shape or look.

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