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It's a great tool not only for doing the path at hand. But also using the data from that asset him to begin to figure out how to fine. Tune your go to market. And, you know, John one of the things that I think people really need to keep in mind. When you're looking for accounting software is what do you really need? I really encourage people to think about buying software like hiring people and best practices in hiring. Individuals. Are I to bigger out your needs less like what is right and clear job description? What is this this role going to do what you know KPI's? What what are the key metrics that you're going to hold that that role to to know that it was worth hiring them? I will they demonstrate there are y. What what is the most important skill set that they need to bring to the table. Sometimes you really care about technical expertise. Don't care so much about personality and how kind of outgoing or have house fisted a manager. They are you just need somebody to get the work done. Sometimes you really care about the management stuff. And you kind of got other people to do the technical staff or sometimes or I would hope in every case people care about it being, you know, people being Bill Jim show up. They what they mean mean what they say. Be as attributes sort of the same way that you would interview a person for a job and the most important part about that is actually I being super fair with yourself about what that job is. And what success is higher gonna know that it successful in the same way. When you're buying software really think about it like an interview, which means in finance calming, for example, you know, clearly, you're gonna want double entry accounting, for example. And you're probably gonna want being able to import transactions from your Bank and cloud based accounting software for all the benefits we mentioned earlier probably gonna want some reporting tools to get that extra kind of juice from the data exhaust, you probably gonna want to count on the access if you were working with external accounted, but you may or may not meet invoicing or multi-currency support or payroll processing or payment. Passing or third party integrations may or may not be that portent to you. And so you gotta know what's like essential. It's what the central that software is going to play and make sure that those things are really strong. So when you read your of us, make sure that the meat of what you're trying to get everybody likes, and then be choosy about how much you're willing to pay for the stuff that doesn't really matter to you again, you know, like we talked about before review our great base figure that out and an if you're not sure exactly what features. What what optionality you need always start by? You know, finding those one one guy. You know, accounting software buying guide, for example, something that we put out every year like how should you go about thinking about this category of software? What's important? What's not important that can really help as well. Clear. You said a lot of awesome things today. But my favorite is still be ridiculously helpful because fire nation, if you can embody that in everything that you do you're going to see at a good high awesome level. And that's what kept here at us. They are ridiculously helpful. And that's why they're so successful. So clear a lot of great takeaways from this episode, but give us one thing you want to make sure that we walk away with we keep it in our memory banks. What's one thing that you want us to make sure that we get from our chat today. I guess I'm gonna say I want you guys remember to what is that? If you're looking for software. Capterra's a great place to start that search, but but the the ridiculously. Why actually concerned that would be helpful because it really will save you time. But, but but sort of a non capterra related thing that I really hope people remember is that everybody for the most part times the process of searching for software overwhelm, unpleasant..

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