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It doesn't matter where he goes so he might as well just get the pick of what he where he wants to play. Somebody who's competitive. Why wouldn't he. Why would he go off to like sacramento or something like that you know. I think there was bad. Blood between him. Doc because like collect pieces that work with him and even though he is definitely not. The same player was re. I started out with doc. Philly could definitely use that kind of power forward backup center because you have behind b but power which we knows not sufficient at all and when you think about it docks. The guy who made blake into who he is as Spot up shooter. Because before them vinny del negro was all like oh just dunk it as much as you can and every other person i was there. So do you think there's bad blood like see. I'm just right now saying so it doesn't bite us in the ass. I'm speculating. Speculation is bad but dammit sometimes it's one thing he he has a little bit that you know that king petty and have to be like you got no philadelphia how to be asking for him right hands on what happened when he was when he was available to be a free agent because he did not stick around with clippers he went off to detroit traded l. let's year impact competitor but was was docked because doc rivers still the gm or was he stripped of his duties at that point. That's what mars because if garlic the nba pool is so strong. That a coach doesn't necessarily have to be jacob. I think he was. I think what would that's the thing he if rivers was the gi and and he made the move then. Yeah i think there's some there's some tiny bit of beef there but if not then it wasn't his call because we was the one who lost the gm duties. So i wouldn't think that that he would probably wouldn't be a thing. But i don't know an macron depends on elliott. Yeah what. What was his options in this mini agency. That was was brooklyn was vaguely holland. The ever team a yeast. That wasn't you know. I a low tier team. I know his specifications was they wanna consider. Can we just say this right now. How bad of management are like i know. Full rebuilds and i know full blowing it up but The way that detroit is just screwing. I won't say their fans over. But they're making the former saint hanky for the philadelphia. Seventy sixers he's kind of jealous or the way they're just blowing it up because man man oh man they're doing all this up to not get anything out of it. They add drummond. he's over in cleveland. How he's going to be heading out. But those teams that even do anything when they had those guys. Maybe we don't like oh. This is not going anywhere. And we're paying these guys a ton of money to just sit here. Mas well i just let them go and start over at the big giant resentment of because if not going to be middling in the middle get possibly in eighth seed every couple years and then get ousted in in the first round like a sweep or five games. And what's that gonna lanjia in the draft exactly so and in the end as like major league baseball. You can draft a good guy in the casino. It's such a crapshoot. Is everything with the nhl for the most part to and even the nfl usually just position. You're missing but basketball you. You have to land on some guys and it's harder to make that is when you're in the middle. I'm really sad that i it just weren't even though i think they only made it once or twice especially the standing shame..

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