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Way tasting Kelly in our Bloomberg interactive brokers studio. Just checking out the vix, little bit lower today. Some bounce it around in the last month understandably. So as the markets abound, surround right and volatility, obviously a friend of mine, especially as we talk about this notion as we did at the top of the. A show about are we entering a Cold War? Is it a volatile? Cold War is that there's such thing, like, I don't know. I don't know what the parameters we're going to get into that with our next guest. He's the chief client authored down at Hamilton lane. But first, let's get Charlie Pellett. He's got an update on today's trait hit Charline. Thank you very much all of a sudden chill. On Wall Street, the Dow, the s&p NASDAQ switching from positive to negative. We've got the Dow the SNP in NASDAQ all trading law right now twenty point drop in the Dow down by just about one tenth of one percent, S and P five hundred index down to drop their of less than one tenth of one percent, NASDAQ slumping eight that is a drop their of just about one tenth of one percent. But last update we told you stocks are higher this time around. The Dow the s&p, NASDAQ all declining, the ten year up eight thirty seconds with a yield of two point two three percent. We've got cold up seven tenths of one percent right now at twelve eighty eight ounce. West Texas intermediate crude now down by four point one percent. Fifty six forty in has been dropping. Throughout the trading session down now by two dollars forty one cents again, a drop of four point one percent, fed vice chair Richard Clarita says the US economy is a good place, but the fed is watching downside risks as it seeks to sustain an expansion that is poised to become the longest on record his remarks coming today in a speech to the economic club of New York is already noted the US economy is in a very good place for the unemployment rate near fifty year, low with inflationary pressures muted with expected.

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