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15 as well. Marty's Randall take on second seat Utah State in the semifinals. The Mountain West Tonight at nine at Sports and Reading Crystalline, killing his radio over the Broncos buffs carry news Radio times. 7 46 right now on Colorado's Morning news is we've been telling you some serious snow is in the forecast for the week. We're expecting major accumulations across the front range, The high country could get even more. And that is happy News for Colorado ski resorts Vail Resorts Cyril A. Cocoa joins us Live from Summit County. Good Morning, Sarah. Good morning. How are you? Well, we're good. What are you hearing about? Just how much snow skiers could see it places like Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, etcetera. Yeah, We're checking the forecast that open snow and it's looking like our summit County resort. So keystone and record probably gonna see up to two ft by the end of this weekend and close totals as well at Vail, Beaver Creek and a swells are Crested Butte Resort, So we're pretty excited to see you could see the snowstorm coming through this weekend. Should make for some great skiing and riding. I'm guessing you're expecting the bulk of skiers to try to get up the hill today to avoid, I guess the roads and how they're gonna be this weekend. Uh, yeah, I would say that today definitely looks like the better travel day. For sure. It looks like the storm's gonna start coming through. Sometimes. Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday is going to be our big, biggest storm. Total daze so definitely would recommend checking. You know Theo tripped out or toe look at road conditions and stuff Because I do think travel. Looks like it will be impacted in some ways with a storm for sure. Are you putting up all the road signs in those places to warn people to likely they're gonna have to stay put on Sunday. Not even be able to travel home to Denver until Monday. Uh, you know, Sita and the road crew definitely manage those signs. But, yeah, we'll definitely be working with our lodging teams and stuff to make sure that our guests are aware of what kind of the weather situation looks like in tow help as much as possible. But, yeah, I would take Theo tripped out organs really our guest best option for details on I 70 and kind of all the roads across, um, across Colorado. I'm gonna need to be reminded this Are you still doing the reservation system and trying to be careful because of covert right? So you might get more people up there, but it's not gonna be a mad crush because people are still relegated because of the pandemic. Is that correct? Yeah, we still have all of our covert safety protocols in place. And that is one of the great things about our reservation system this year is that we're managing access every day of the season. So regardless of kind of increased like the man that the powder creates, you're still going to need that reservation And you're still gonna have room to spread out on the mountain? Because we're managing that nothing around the mountain. So that's still in place. Don't forget your math master still required. You know what we're seeing other states lifting mandate. But regardless of that, they're still required at all of our ski resorts and, regardless of vaccination status as well, so really trying to keep that message out there that covert safety is still something we're taking very seriously at the resort. How has this season been in the midst of the pandemic? Every time I go? I'm impressed by how well things are working, and, frankly, how many people are allowed to ski. Yeah. You know, our goal was we wanted to get as many people on the mountain as we can safely accommodate in this situation, So I'd say we're really happy to see how things were going. We're just stoked to be open and able to provide skiing and riding for guests this winter. The great opportunity to wreck create outdoors when so many people have been kind of inside for so long, so it Z provided that opportunity And it's been yes. I'm really great to see our operational team. Just getting Get even more used to our new protocols. You know, we're loading list differently on by doing all of these different things to insure Stacy and I think we just continued toe refine and get better at them throughout the season and so excited as we're heading into a spring break here to see the snow and you get people out skiing and riding their resorts sterile, Coco Thank you, sir. Thank you. 7 50. We're gonna get update from Brooks Garner about the storm moving in that in a moment, we get an update on the Dr John Morrissey. Pretty decent drive on a Friday morning just before we get hit with the storm. Looks like you drive on South tonight. 25 Heavy right around 84th at downtown drives a little bit crowded, And so is that South found.

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