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Week was spent at the museum of anthropology researching indigenous folk art in ancient imagery in mexican markets under saying their local design and in the street taking photos of the work of local sign. Painters wyman and his team also worked directly with artists of the indigenous. We chill are weak. Sought toddy people who create these incredibly colorful. Works of art. Known as nyah rica using yarn so yarn paintings originated as part of the spiritual and ceremonial aspects of the culture associated with chamonix visions and dreams. And they really are both a tool used by shamans to have visions and also a representation of the vision themselves by the nineteen fifties also become highly covetable commercial. Art pieces live speaks about the process. The artist us to create yarn paintings using the olympic logo quote in one case. We made pie with square tablets emulating traditional nyree soak the sixty eight logo on them and then gave them to the we channel. The artists covered these templates with wax into which they pushed strands of colored wool critic. Beautiful color illustrations of birds and other traditional imagery. We use these tablets as an aide in developing our color programming. So also referencing. Ancient aztec carvings. This resulting design program as a mix of modern op. Art and also mexico's rich artistic traditions. Well this was exactly what the olympic committee was hoping to project to the rest of the world. During these games a country read it in its past but there is firmly set on the future yes and the incorporation of graphics into the designs of the mexico olympics was e- immersive designs appeared on everything from advertisements on posters. Stamps wall murals the undulating pattern was even used on the floors of the olympic stadium and designer juliette. Johnson marshall incorporated the logo type into her cape and many dress uniform designs worn by the thousand plus young multi-lingual women hired to act as eighty cons or assistance for visitors to the gates. Lucky for us to of these incredible uniforms one in orange and white and the other in black and white survive and lack mas collection. What's comes with an accompanying text by research assistant. Joanna raise walton. Who wrote that quote distress cape set was issued along with two white mock turtleneck blouses and a pair of orange heels. Edey can forums were color. Coded where's the orange dress were associated with the press office an escorted reporters and olympic athletes to events throughout the games. The mexico sixty eight logo type is placed vertically at the center of the dress running from nearly the neckline to the ham. It expands into a series of evenly spaced lines creating an all encompassing pattern with the logo at its core. And of course you know that we're going to post pictures of these. Oh yeah you so you can see. Just how brilliantly. Johnson marshall translated. Wyman graphic into these guards amazing. Yeah so so cool. So by all accounts by the united states olympic committee at least mexico's bid from eternity was successful. Dr gerard seahawks contributing author to the usoc. Olympic book wrote mexico. City has all in all set new standards. One of them is the knowledge that mexico a country without rival in south american sport has made a decisive straight into the future when on the evening of ten. Twenty six sixty eight. The olympic fire was extinguished. Mexico stood the test. Which in itself can be a far-reaching important for the development of its own sport in quote and he really was only one of the many contributing authors in this book who sang the olympics praises. This included mira pasca whose experience was quote complete joy and unanimity with no consideration a political borders and systems. I came to mexico to find the peaceful and friendly use of the world. And i found not only this genuine and happy youth with their olympic ideals. I also found the heart of the whole charming mexican nation and as it turns outcast the naked sixty eight olympics. Well they were neither peaceful nor politics free. There was very dark. Reality hiding behind. The you know mexican olympic slogan everything as possible with piece that pretty girls and apart dresses simply could not hide and we will learn all about that after. We synchronize our swim through this next sponsor. Break malcolm gabrielle. And i've got to warn you. The new season of my podcast revisionist history is completely unbound. Were finally out of the house. And now that we've got the chance we're going into the streets and even under the sea all in the name of continuing. 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A highly calculated image and in many cases completely manufactured image of what they want the world to see regardless of the reality and thus was the case with mexico city sixty eight so october one thousand nine hundred sixty only days before the opening ceremony of the olympics. The government had sent armed troops to quell thousands of peaceful protesters who had gathered at the plaza de las trays quotas. Protest was only the latest in a series of demonstrations stage against the olympics which many viewed as a waste of money better spent on the other pressing social issues which burdened the country. The troops opened fire on the peaceful protesters and while the government reported only four debts. The number is actually thought to be in the hundreds and the highest estimates over one thousand people. This was the backdrop of the nineteen sixty eight olympics in a city where colorful billboards mass this blood-stained plaza evidence of the government's brutality torture own citizens here absolutely terrible and this violent civil unrest in mexico was mirrored by that in america where both the vietnam war the civil rights movement were in full effect nineteen sixty it was actually the deadliest year in the vietnam war it was also the year that both martin luther king junior and senator robert kennedy were sas needed for their advocacy of civil rights so the us was really this country where for far too long americans of color had been treated like second class citizens is important to remember that despite black and other athletes of color winning gold medals since the second olympiad nineteen hundred when they returned home to their countries. These decorated athletes were met with discrimination and racism running rampant in europe and america example in point after his history-making or gold medal wins in the nazi olympics. Nineteen thirty six. Jesse owens returned home to a segregated united states and president roosevelt was so concerned with losing his southern voters that he did not even send owens a congratulations and this was a snub. That owens felt very deeply. Yeah and like so. Many groundbreaking black athletes before him. Owens really paved the way for an entire generation of athletes who followed or ran in his footsteps and that included two black track stars by the names of tommy smith and juan carlos who came to the nineteen sixty olympics as the fastest men in the world. They were both world record. Holders smith and carlos were also. Both active members of the olympic project for human rights are open. Hr in american organization whose aim was to bring awareness to and protest against racial segregation and racism in sports. So not only did. Smith and carlos come to the olympics to win their track and field events. They came with something to say and on october sixteenth. The two men stood on the olympic. Winner's podium in a silent protest. That was heard around the world and believe me dress listeners. Clothing was part and parcel to its resonance to this very day. For a recollection of the event we turned ebony magazine who in december of that year ran a photo editorial with an accompanying article that championed the games as one of the most amazing olympics in the history of the games where world records were broken or tied sixty seven times but the author of this article goes on to say that despite these achievements quote the one thing which will be most remembered by all had nothing to do with athletic performance had to do with the black protests and it had to do with the petty action of the us olympic committee following the protest on the track. Smith perform superman pulling a groin muscle while winning his semifinal heat and the two hundred meter dash he seems an impossible starter for the final scheduled for just two hours later. He not only started. He won the event in world record. Time making point eight seconds. Carlos took third. What took place next will be long. Remember yes so. It was in the locker room just before the presentation of the medal ceremony for their wins and the two hundred meter that smith and carlos each put on a black glove. They also each put on buttons that stated their allegiance to the olympic project for human rights and even gave one to the racists second place winner of the australian sprinter. Peter norman who were in solidarity to their cause all three men then headed to the medal. Stand and get this. Carlos and smith were wearing no shoes. The ebony article recounts what happened next quote. The black athletes have been promising a strong demonstration and it came when smith and carlos accepted their medals and turn to face the american flag for the playing of the national anthem standing motionless and looking down towards the ground. The athletes each raised a clenched black gloved fists in a black power salute with their heads bowed and lifted fist. They were saying that they were black. Americans who had performed the best of their ability and they protested the way their black brothers have been treated very country they represented and i will clarify that. Tommy smith at least in post interviews or over the years has said that it was not a black power salute but a human rights salute so in his book race culture and the results of the black athlete the nineteen sixty eight olympic protests and their aftermath other douglas hartman rights of this historic event. He writes quote in this moment was born one of the most vibrant and poignant images ever generated by that international spectacle of symbolism and myth making we call the olympic games in quote so soon after the games. Tommy smith recounted this event and the centrality address in relaying his message. He says that quote my raise right hand stood for the power in black america. Carlos has raised left stood for the unity of black america. Together they formed an arch of unity and power. The black scarf around my neck stood for black pride. The black socks with no shoes stood for black poverty and racist america. The totality of our effort was regaining. A black dignity and quote. Hartmut writes that it would be another twenty years before smith with talk publicly about this historic moment quote but over the course of those years. The image he had helped to engineer would come for american audiences and many others around the globe to define the nineteen sixty eight mexico city olympics and in many ways to transcend sport itself such incredible story and one that we really encourage you to learn more about. I promise you that if you go and google the sixty eight olympics logo images of of what we just described. Wha- also pop up at that same time that they come up in tandem together. There is so much more to learn about the events and athletes that he featured in this series so far for starters we recommend the do go on podcast episode called the nineteen sixty eight olympic salute as well as twenty twenty s documentary called the stand. How one gesture shook the world which is streaming now on amazon. Prime smith and carlos is silent protests has an arguably become synonymous with the one thousand nine hundred sixty eight olympic games but lesser known. Is the story of their record smashing. Teammate wyomia taya's who we heard for previously about not mincing any words about her athletic uniform so obviously she's back for another olympics. She became the first athlete ever in the history of the olympics. Up to this point to retain the hundred meter title with a world record making time of eleven seconds she had previously taken home. Golden the event at the nineteen sixty four olympics in her oral history with l. a. eighty four highest recalls that after carlos smith stand. There was a lot of talk among the black american athletes about what they could also do to make a statement in the end however she says it became very individualized and for her part. She chose to replace the teams white running forts with black short quote. it was my way of protesting. She told nbc sports in an interview last year. There was no need to talk about it and she goes on knowing what it feels like to be discriminated against growing up in south growing up during the jim crow era being a black woman being told up my muscles are ugly to me. That was part of my protests. She said this is show people all the things they say are not true and in this way all three of these athletes really subverted the intended messaging of the olympic uniform so long as symbol of national pride and uniformity. All three of them really reworked at into this powerful display a personal expression that spoke volumes about their beliefs. Without having to say a word and you would never know it from the olympic book. Sixty eight which celebrated all three of these athletes achievements in this series of full color photographs but ioc actually immediately suspended smith and carlos from the olympic team and banish them from the olympic village. A spokesman for the calling their actions quote a deliberate and violent breach of the fundamental principles of the olympic spirit in quote and if these conversations sound familiar it is because they absolutely are still happening today and twenty sixteen san francisco forty niners quarterback colin kaepernick decision to kneel repeatedly at games during the national anthem in protest of black oppression in the us led him to being shunned by the sporting establishment quote. I am not going to stand up to show pride and a flag for country. That oppresses black people and people of color to me. This is bigger than football and it would be selfish on. My part looks the other way. Well as we all know now kapernick career was more or less over at that point. No team would sign him fast. Forward to the events of last summer where the death of george floyd spurred protests around the world and across sporting establishments and these protests were actually led by a ton of players in both the nba. The nlp and mls. So that's the national basketball association. The major league baseball and major league soccer leads respectively athletes in the nba. Actually led a strike. They would not play and they only agree to resume playing after commitment most made by the nba to make real changes in addressing social justice issues that they cared about this included the organization changing its policy towards athletes rights to protest and when players returned to the core at many of them kneel together during the national anthem and played wearing jerseys that were inscribed with phrases. Such as black lives matter. And i can't breathe and these were actions are only a few years prior had cost cabernet his career and they were just now affecting real change to dallas mavericks. For dry powell told undefeated dot com. The phrase black lives matter simply means that we believe black lives matter. I don't understand how there can be any pushback to that statement in and of itself now tying organizations to it in their history or whatever it may be another story but i know for the fact that players in this locker room that had black lives matter on their shirts when they're warming up and stand on the court proud what they mean by that statement is that equality is the most important thing in terms of society and social justice in having a fair community to in no argument here on that point so with professional leagues now allowing there at least a protest what of their olympic counterparts and my jew. Many of these professional players will also now be competing in the olympics especially players from the nba and that is a really great question. April considering american athletes have already been using their platform and their clothing protests at this year's olympic trials. So last month. Us sprinter noah lyles raised a black gloved fist in the air mere moments before running in the hundred meter olympic trial raise. He later told reporters quote. Were still dying in the streets just because we stop talking about it in the news or just because the olympics are going on doesn't mean it's not happening in quote. Us hammer weight. Throw her gwen berry. Also recently used the olympic trials to demonstrate this time on the medal stand when she turned away from the olympic flag when the anthem was played unexpectedly placing her black t shirt that read activists athlete over her head quote. The anthem doesn't speak for me. it never has. She told reporters in response to the backlash very touch. A twitter saying that people's criticism really shows that quote people in america rally patriotism over basic morality even after the murder of george floyd she said and so many other commercials statements and phony sentiments regarding.

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