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Really impressed me the rules of the road in in whitby because it is so rural we hear from the tape farmtotable overused and in la that generally means this is the chef's chef's shop at the wednesday or saturday morning farmers market which is great but up in whitby a lot of the restaurants actually have their own farms or farms within a couple miles of their restaurant so that is real feel to fork we're going to be meeting to practitioners of that art chef vincent naturalness who actually grew up on whidbey island and now has left came back he now has the orchid kitchen which is just a fascinating operation we're going to preview the share our strength tasted the nation no kid hungry benefit the la run of that that's coming up in june the third always a great event and always supporting a worthy cause there is no reason to have childhood hunger in the united states that's something that we need to do something about diabetes is a very unfortunate problem that is afflicting more and more americans a cookbook author that we've talked to before amy real to us our friends down a temecula are about to host their tenth annual pechanga microbrews fest in chili cook off that's coming up on the ninth one of the participating breweries that's been part of this event this will not be their third year was the discovery of ours two years ago the mason jar brewing company it's a husband and wife team they're always fun so we're going to talk to brew master and proprietor robert carter to see how their brewery is grown in the last two years and what they're going to be doing coming up for the tenth annual pechanga microbrews fest and chili cook off and then we're gonna have a chance to talk with our very own chef andrew girl there's kind of a vexing question an issue that's coming up in fast casual restaurants and it's the dilemma of way too many choices and we're going to get into this because it's it's serious but it's funny but it is a real problem it is the so cal restaurants don't wander far when we come back in a chef proprietor leadership vincent naturalness of the orchard kitchen on whidbey island were proudly presented by melissa's world variety produce an west coast prime meats.

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