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We are very busy with work. You know, it's it's insane on you know you and I wrote down here this Sunday morning, and I Was talking looking for some trailers. And there's And the reason I bring that up is the supply lines on everything. And you and I were discussing trying to get the wood for the cabinet boxes and things like that. The supply line seemed to be just dwindling. And there's no real answers for what's coming sooner. So one of the things and I'm going to ask you. I'm warning my customers. I just tell them look at it's going to be a long time. It's just going to be a long time will go as fast as we can. But, um You know, Remodeling is an onerous proper project anyway, because it seems to drag on and on and on. But with the current supply line, you know, Covitz kind of dying down a little bit people. You're seeing people not wearing mass as much anymore and things like that. I think people kind of forgetting about covid a little bit, but the effects of covid are still Very, very near and dear to our hearts, right? I mean, you're having the same trouble with supply lines. Yes, that is definitely still in full force. I have noticed over the past couple months E vengeance. Plywood is getting a lot harder to find, Um, drawer slides is there they've been putting limits on orders as to how much you can order. It's like animal. I mean, it's pretty pretty much everything it it's been getting really crazy. So I guess the reason I bring that up is if you're thinking about a remodeling project, or you're thinking about redoing your kitchen or if you're building a house and you're you're looking for custom cabinets. Don't wait. Right. Get started now. Yeah, that absolutely it. I am currently right now. I'm about 6 to 7 months out. Wow. Yeah, I have a lot of work right now. So Yeah, and I've just been getting busier. The Times have been Crazy people want to remodel and There's not all that many Cabinet makers out there. Everyone is very busy right now will end. Any other thing is, as I think people think about it, they think about it, and then he decide. Okay now we're going to do And I think it's going to happen in 30 days and maybe during Perfect times. That was the case now, like you said, you're going to be waiting for the cabinets as as a remodeling contractor. We can start a project. You know 4 to 6 weeks ahead of you because we have electrical and things like that to do, But I think for most people, if you want to have a project that's going to not seem like it's going on forever. You need to do proper planning, and that's why you want to get into A design at this point, we're going to take a short break when we come back. I want to talk a little bit about some of the cool little nuances that you can do a custom cabinetry that the need things you can put inside. And then I want to talk a little bit about pricing. I try not to get too deep into that. But people like to know because if they're thinking about it, they don't want. They don't want to feel like they don't have enough money or they're not prepared for it. So we'll give you a little preparation on that fair enough. Absolutely sounds good..

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