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Apply online. Like eighteen and have a high school degree, fifteen dollars per hour minimum, and the best part is you get benefits immediately. So great opportunity for more than a thousand people there. We heard Perfetti hiring last week. Yep hiring this week were northern. Kentucky is moving forward and this is another great one dollar general. They have a they are going to have like a big fulfillment center out in Walton and they're gonNA add two hundred and fifty more jobs and it's part of a sixty five million dollar investment The facility side is going to be six, hundred, thirty, thousand square foot and it's going to be out there also, I, seventy five and my kind of south of Kentucky Sixteen you kind of where a lot of those big facilities are and it's you know it's all due to our wonderful wonderful airport that we have here and. The world. That, we are becoming big investment in the area I. Know You're excited about this within the Florence y'alls the newly rebranded y'all started their season late last week and it's interesting because you know they're they're technically the Frontier League Frontier League like, no, we're not playing and the Florence y'all's we're gonNA figure this out y'all. So what they did was partner with the Lexington legends, and each of those teams split into two teams and they'll essentially play Inter and intra squad scrimmages between those teams or among those four teams over the course of the season. So what's cool about that is you can actually go to a game in person and hear and see baseball and people are very excited. They started last Friday they. It's limited capacity gotta wear masks unless you're seated. There's all kinds of scientists all over the stadium about social distancing and the like. But at the very least people are excited to get out and see an actual sporting events in person. The Housing is hot in Kentucky. You know it took a little bit of a little bit of a hit right at the beginning of all this because people were afraid to kind of get out and look at houses and do anything really so but in June the sales have come roaring back in June two, thousand twenty had thirteen percent more closings than June, twenty nineteen, which is crazy and really really really awesome. The number of homes available on the market hit a record low for the second month in a row they I know that there's some people that I'm friends with been trying to get into like Fort Mitchell Beach School district. It is not possible and like some of the neighbourhood houses that have gone for sale my neighborhood they're like gone like even realize they were for sale. Now, the average time it takes to sell your.

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