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That's what I just named it so deal with it. Clunky than the actual name. I'm sure so it's mailed it. Yeah. We're going to talk a little warriors here. Breaking news as Draymond green has been suspended by the team for tonight's game and Fitz. I think you looked up exactly how much it's going to cost him which reminded us once again how much money he makes a. I mean, it's a little painful out credit. Bobby marks for being the first pointed out, Bobby marks. Always does great work reminding me that I wish I was an NBA player a realistic. But he tweeted out earlier that the dream on green one game team suspension will cost the forward a smooth one hundred twenty thousand four hundred eighty bucks. It is a team issued suspension. So the warriors will not receive a luxury tax credit boy. So you're asking why was he suspended? We heard last night and we saw last night in in their loss to the clippers during overtime. Kevin. Actually, it was it was it was a final seconds of regulation. When the initial incident happened green gotta rebound and did not pass the ball to Durant who was coming up the court with him Durant. Had a thirty point. Triple double was one in to try to win the game. Green ends up turning the ball over as he pushes it up. The court himself game goes into overtime. And during the break between regulation and the sort of overtime. Katie is yelling. At green for not passing him the ball. Green had some words for him, which we are. Now being told included a reference to his potential three agency and leaving the team at the end of the season and the b word for a female dog frustrations carried over into the locker room from what we've been told. There were plenty of players on Durant side, essentially, not enjoying the words that green told Durant and also criticizing his decision to take the ball up himself at the end of the game there when he's got K D right there ready to close things out fits, what was your reaction. Maybe before you heard about this aspersion to this little dustup that we this is sort of reminds me of a quarterback conversation you and I had a few months ago, we as a group of fans and media and people that watch sports in general have ever shifting lines on what's acceptable behavior. What stood out to me is that we all laugh about hey, it's just on being Draymond you. And I last week at a conversation about how the Suns are. You're saying we need an agitated or well Jimmy Butler is apparently to agitating so I look at this and just say, hey, it's going to be dream on. And that's just what he does. But then I also can admit that if it was another player that the maybe wasn't as well liked for what he is is a personality, we wouldn't accept it. So it's never shifting line. Is it a big deal? I think we're used to it from Draymond Monceau. It doesn't feel like a big deal. Should it? Be a big deal. Maybe. Yeah. It's funny. I said the exact same thing on around the horn today said we hear from teams like the sun's where they don't feel comfortable enough to push each other. And I like, especially with the warriors where you're worried about whether this team gets complacent whether Steve Kerr needs to get creative and give one of his players the clipboard and coach the team because he doesn't know how to reach them anymore after they continue their winning streaks. So I liked seeing this INA November game. Right. I like that they cared enough to be frustrated with each other about bad plays down the stretch of games in the regular season. The problem is when you hear that there. There is some frustration from within Andre Mons part mocking. Kevin Durant about the potential free agency and him leaving the squad and it results in his suspension from the team to me that no longer is just dream on being Draymond. I think he's a button pusher. He's an agitator with his own teammates and coach as much as the opposition. And as long as you control it. So it doesn't result in what we saw a couple years ago in the finals when he was suspended for a game. And really hint hurt his team. It's a good thing. It keeps everybody on their toes. But this seemed to me especially hearing about the locker afterwards like it crossed some sort of line..

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