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Privilege to welcome shawn stevenson to the show. Sean welcome to the show. Thank you so much eric. I'm excited so this is a topic that we've only covered kind of peripherally once before which is sleep and this is not the only thing you do however you have written a book specifically about it. So you're you're uniquely qualified. And i need more sleep. I need better sleep actually as more probably more accurate and so we're going to get to the bottom of that but why asleep so important. Oh my goodness this is like the jeopardy like double jeopardy question man this is. This is so powerful. You know you just said i'm actually a clinical nutritionist and have been focused on hormones. Nutrigenomics all this stuff for many years. But i wrote this international bestselling book now by the way which is crazy. Even say this because it's much needed. This was like the achilles heel of our results whether it's got to do with weight loss reversing insulin sensitivity brain function and productivity crazy enough. And i'm big and this is why i'm excited to be here. I'm a big student in fan of productivity. And i'm always looking to find ways to streamline especially my work life and one of the things that i cited in a ton of studies on very analytical human being scientists but one of the things that are really focused on in the book was there was a study published by the american academy of sleep medicine that found that poor. Sleep quality was equal to marijuana use and binge-drinking in determining academic performance. You you know and this is. The thing is many people listening. They might not be students any longer but we really are. That's what this whole game is about. It's about being a continuous student. Continue its learned being in being able to execute and sleep deprivation literally cripples our brains to be able to function properly and also in the study reported that the college students were sleepers. Were also more likely to earn worse grades and even to drop out of classes than the people who were healthy sleepers and so. How often are we dropping out in our goals in our work life. And one of the things that's being brought to the forefront when things. I'm talking about a lot in media and things like that is this new term called cyber loafing are. He's called cyber loafing in what this is basically. Is that when you're supposed to be working on. That project is supposedly working on that landing page or whatever the case may be and you're just like in fighting that you find yourself opening up twitter for a few minutes or you find yourself opening up facebook or instagram for just a few minutes and the next thing you know you get sucked into the internet black hole in his like thirty minutes later. An hour later like what was wrong with me. You know in cyber loafing. What they found was that basically every hour of poor sleep quality correlated with twenty percent greater incidence of cyber loafing so each each of those segments of time loss.

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