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The doesn't say Gary laying on the back, you probably paid too much. Faceoff at center ice just controlled by the aisles Mayfield, the Saint Louis. Native will drive the puck down the right boards into the hawk zone. Seabrook put it over to Keith behind the net. Moved it up the left wing intended for Alex debrincat off. Is sticking out Keith in the near corner. Tried to fire up the glass and out may feel at the right point jumped up into the air grabbed the puck over his head dropped it to a stick. And then spun it back down the boards in behind the hawk net. Prince Seabrook will move it ahead to dominant Cahoon who's into the islanders zone into the far corner and Mayfield omnipresent is there to knock it away. Sputtered around out to bullet point kept in by debrincat down to Dylan stroll behind the net. We then lost the puck extended around by Cahoon right point to Seabrook. He moves it over to the left point intended for Justice with the puck deflects out to center ice Justice and back in the hawk zone to get it to Strom at center ice to debrincat over the islander line left point send it over to the right point, Henry yoki. How're you snap? It down the glass in behind the aisles now to the nearside came along and picked up the puck and he'll roll between the circles, then out to center ice with the puck and over the hawk line. Former Detroit Red Wings fill pull up Gary behind the hawk net. Lose it around to boy, Chuck right point. Long wrist shot to flex lookout up into the air. And Trump to the crease Justice on alertly was able to pull it out of their chip it off the right wing glass and the puck roll down ice into the islanders zone. Chuck hammers at around behind his net up the left with the right wing side. Leo komarov. Coughed up the puck into the hawk zone. Henry Yawkey hard you back to get it in the islanders trying to make wine Chan milky Har you between the circles hawk zone. Passing Augusta Senate center ice to Kane over the islander line down the left wing put it to the slot for could Shula islander players got to stick in there. Could you look at it back near wine? Tried to set it over to the right wing boards. Picked off by Anders Lee head to Jordan heavily over the hawk line to the left circle. Cuts to the slot shoots. Stick save made by ward, but we get a whistle stopping play high sticking call here against Connor Murphy. I wonder power play when we return five forty seven left in the first the aisles lead one nothing. This is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Brian Bruno live on the scene of a recent windstorm here to describe.

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