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This evening with lows in the mid sixties. Your complete Accuweather five day forecast is Grayslake just 10 minutes police away. are investigating Coming up at 10 a 15. crash yesterday that Our killed a top young local woman. story on news radio WBBM's WBBM. Nancy Hardy reports a crash between a Ford Escape and a Ford F 350 sent the pickup truck and the trailer. It was pulling off the an 18 road. year old Police from Grayslake say after who the had collision been standing at on around the 10 sidewalk. 15 at She Washington died at the hospital and Atkinson, and the the two truck drivers hit were an taken on sidewalk. the to the hospital as The intersection well with non is life threatening near injuries. Rollin Savannah Forest The Lake County Preserve. major crash assistance Nancy Hardy team News Radio is helping 1059 Grayslake WBBM. At least nine women were wounded in an overnight shooting in the Lawndale neighborhood on Chicago's west side. The victims were shot out Police with guns say and a started group shooting. was hanging out The near 15th victims included and Keeler a 21 when a year black old Jeep woman pulled who was up. shot in the face Multiple and people later died got at the scene at large. The victims are expected hospital. to survive, Another 28 though no arrests year old woman have is been in made. critical condition this hour A top at Johnson Mount Sinai. Administration official The other says victims the are mayor is not going to be rushed in deciding who will next lead the Chicago Police Department. Gary in Gatewood, deputy mayor president of the Chicago Police Department. The says he will continue to work with mayor, a woman whose for names community were submitted safety to says him this Brandon month, Johnson has but he not will. yet interviewed The process the is going three to finalists continue with for the mayor police having superintendent time to talk to all of the candidates. He believes it's important to talk to folks and really get a better sense of what what we're going to do. We're have a better sense of what We'll take their the vision time that's is needed for the to city make and sure we get how the it right aligns person. with the Gatewood work has that nothing we'll be but doing. praise for the Community Commission So we for will public massive safety reports and accountability, that has which did so the much screening community and engagement selected around the finalists. the city They to really created listen to what community has said they want and the characteristics that they want to see in a leader and what we the mayor need will to help move make the the right city choice forward. on the next So leader, we're excited and the CPD, appreciative because of that the work is that one they've of the done. most important And we jobs know that in in the the country. city. Meanwhile, Fred Waller Deputy continues Mayor Gary as Gatewood interim superintendent. is the guest on our Craig at -issue program Delamore, this weekend. News He was just on the air last hour, but you can hear him again coming up at 9 30 this evening. It's 1008, traffic ethic to and the Kennedy weather together junction, on the 8th. Here's 17 minutes Brian Peck. late cook into We start the on the junction, Eden, 15 starting to minutes get a little going slow back out past the Peterson Kennedy Avenue inbound to heavy town, from Lawrence 25 minutes all from the the way to Eden's the Jane junction Byrne in. interchange. You are seven 32 minutes minutes faster now O in 'Hare the into express lanes going outbound. Little slow from Foster to Harlem, 19 minutes out to O 'Hare. 190 extension eastbound westbound Jane Adams looks to pretty the good. Jane Byrne interchange, Eisenhower 16 slow minutes in spot Mannheim 17th in. Outbound, to Desplains you're inbound. clear sailing. 34 minutes And still looks good inbound and outbound. No major issues there. I -55 Will County looks good northbound and southbound. Seven looks Dan like it's Ryan, in pretty you're good 14 shape now. minutes from Had the some merge weekend into downtown, road 12 work minutes going going on back between out to Sibley the split. and I -57 it's a little bit early, 7th. That which is was good supposed for to us. last until 15 minutes tomorrow either direction. at 13 5 minutes a either .m. direction Looks like they on quit the a Bishop little bit Road. Usaba Lakeshore Drive looks good. Tri -state tollway moving nicely. The Jane Adams, the eastbound tollways are now in starting pretty good to shape. get a little bit heavy. The usual I -80 spots eastbound Bishop and westbound Ford all the looking way to Klein. good on Other 80 than that, -94 you're looking watching WBBM. pretty good in northwest The WBBM Indiana. AccuWeather Next forecast traffic calls coming

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