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Live from npr news in washington i'm jack spear wildfires continued or ravage northern california the napa county sheriff's office is ordering all residents of the town halls stoger to evacuate officials say gusty winds are making the deadly wildfire they're worse and peerasak westerveld reports from there and says he's among those being told to get out i'm walking down the usually busy main downtown area in cal still get it is deserted besides a police checkpoint than some firetrucks name ince's rolling by the word when outlets afternoon mandatory total evacuation of everyone in town police are now going around in forcing that the worry is that the win could shift tonight and that this town could be threatened the fires now about five miles from the town while fires burning in the state or now blame for at least twenty two deaths hundreds of others remained unaccounted for the fires burning since sunday night have destroyed more than thirty five hundred homes and businesses president trump traveled the pennsylvania today to make the case for the gop tax plan his and pr scott horsely reports a democratic senator from that state is not convinced trump spoke at an air national guard hangar in harrisburg frame by an eighteen wheeler with a slogan lower taxes bigger paychecks more jobs the president argues cutting corporate taxes would boost business and help drivers among others our framework ensures that the benefits of tax reform go to the middle class not to the highest earners it's a middle class bill democratic senator bob casey of pennsylvania disputes the president's claim he points to an independent analysis showing most of the savings that gop plan would go to the wealthy.

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