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You want that both your fingertip okay. What is your name? Mile- miles AL's miles. Why don't you ask my producer? Steve Robinson how much sound he had ready for me today. Miles the floor is yours eve. I'd like to know how much of that audio you have on your fingertip. I did not have that audio ready. That's that's a rookie mistake. There how am I supposed to. I came in here. Mikey confirm this. I came in here over two hours ago rather chipper in a great mood. I thought he did a great job yesterday. The Red Sox are rattled. The the globe is rattled. We come here. We play the great new. Hit Song. new Red Sox song for next year. I'm excited ready to go. CUT The sound up. React to it. Make Fun of the media. Make Fun of the Red Sox juxtaposed back and forth and Steve has nothing miles. Yeah what am I supposed to do here. I mean I know everyone it always says I get mad at everything but this is what am I supposed to do it. You Your world famous scream. Whenever he pulled he didn't have it? I think it was more disgust. State remarkable mark. I have to is Charles. Grodin said to Robertson in the great film midnight run you have two reactions silence in rage. I give them a little bit of silence on that one. Because I didn't know what to say that I can't believe that you're on there for like over a half an hour forty five minutes. I would expect a little bit incredible work. I was sweating. I was done Although I haven't signed said you said that you said that nineteen seventeen was the best movie you've seen thank you and Or more movie and that was the first movie. I've seen that I went into theater. Just see in over six years in high feeling yes. There was better than nineteen seventeen. I thought well no no no no I was like. Oh Yeah I agree. That's why I went to go see. Would you think of it. I thought it was great. I mean I. I'm not a movie connoisseur. I was the part where it's not give give away the plot tireless valuable. I will say is just said yesterday though miles else the kid who is in the movie longer who you see at the end of the movie sitting in a tree. That kid was on there for an Oscar. He's fucking incredible in that movie. Oh I'm telling you this is the movie more I go see it today. I'm just saying you think I need to see in theaters now or wait. I'm not sure if you wear this and not miles. Mike is Blind Do you think do you think do you think I don't know yes. It's accurate. Well how can you see when you were the screen like what I'm saying enough. I can tell people. The adults scenes lose. We always finding miles is not a super like like war action. It's not like saving private Ryan with these crazy warsi miles upriver running up saying you'll get used to it. Yeah I don't think you you could probably see it. Okay all right miles well we appreciate it hanging there. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you. We'll probably talk to you. A line hangs up on route is always always spaghetti fucking listener. He's keep going. I mean Steve defended. Okay here's the thing though like this is this isn't even other than calling. You Know Privately Agree to this chore. Of course there's nobody who's even offered a hint of defenses Ken Ken yeah absolutely what up. Hey what bridal man. I'm doing good. You guys get done taping. Well let me tell thank you. So you're are you. Are you located where you located. I am in Manchester after Manchester New Hampshire. Okay so are used to the podcast. Every day I assume as much an yeah laid probably miss maybe half a one every once a week okay not acceptable fine so I was. I was at Fenway Park. Yesterday doing the periscope video. I watched Thank you very much so I think I did a good job. Whatever so if you know me? I'm guessing in Manchester. You've been listening to me for longer than just this podcast now. Oh Yeah I've been with me for years so knowing me I'm just asking you this You know anyway like do you want that periscopes and cut up and ready to go so I could react to it on my own show the next day I mean I I don't in a way would want to do that. I mean Of course you would well can. I produce named Steve Robinson S E. The are you familiar with him or no. Well he's a fucking in liar. Well why don't you ask Steve. How much sound? He had cut up for that from yesterday's periscope. Ken The floor. I did Steve. How much of that did you cut up? I didn't have a cut up. What were you doing really gourmet burgers and brutal? I mean was it can. There's I mean there's no I'm telling you I've been sitting here for two and a half hours doing these calls you've probably spoken to I. I'm I'm still in shock. I don't understand it and I don't know what to do about it. I don't know I'm mad at him for having bad instincts. It's all work ethic. Would you have the colleen anything to do with weird here. It is the way it isn't a way there's some of that there are people with. What do you do for a living? I manage private jets. Okay do you have people who work under you know. You don't go but I have in the past so if there was some sort of an understand that I'm in a different with what what I do is just bizarre but it's a somebody under you who works really hard and then Steve Works incredibly hard and is good at their job and Steve is good at his job. What do you do in this one glaring weakness that you can't fix the old saying like It's an instinct thing. This is not a work ethic thing. Well I mean I like to. I think I actually think he's pretty funny but You know you gotta just bring it up and say listen buddy next. I don't drop the ball and if he does again then.

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