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We finally get to the ice cream shop. We're sitting in the front of ice cream. James Shopping I I do remember telling him as a nice story for him but I believe in facts. I actually told him that. Ah He's explaining these things that the chuck ended up. I told him that I was God's chosen people. I was in like Flynn. I was taught to believe that I was going to heaven. Because my Judaism and for that reason I really wasn't putting much wait in what he was saying about someone that died for me so that I can go to heaven or be right with God because I thought it was a ready right with God just because I was Jewish. Wish never mind the fact that almost burnt my house down twice once. We've put it out with fire extinguisher. Second Time Fire Department. I improved in my ah might sin crimes against God and others i. I was not a good kid but I thought my Judaism was going to get me to heaven. Chuck made a comment. That normally would have enraged me yet. This time. It didn't. He ended up saying that as I told him I was in like Flynn. He the same. What if your mother was right here right now message and you walk away? Your your mother would have died in vain. I really like hearing that. But Chuck Challenge Jalan me in a way that no one else had done before and for some reason I stayed clear in my thinking I didn't blackout. I remember clenching my fists Jason Turning around and then re released the fist and as he said that I kept I kept thinking and theologically theologically this. That wouldn't have been right what he's saying if if your mother died so that I'd be right here right now listeners. Message than she would have died in vain if I walk away. Ah kind of not the best thing to say not really theologically accurate. But I do remember. I didn't want her death to be in vain. Remember I thought that somehow it was my responsibility bounce -bility that she died and this is the thing sometimes happens with death is you never know how the surviving guilt can occur so I wanted to at least hear him out and so I needed to know more about this God man named Jesus because I had viewed this Jesus re being raised Jewish. There's nothing more than Hitler's God and May surprise of you who are Jewish but a being raised Jewish generation after the Holocaust when we were raised to believe that. Jesus Christ we saw Jesus Christ as the God of the Catholics and the Catholic Church funded nauseous funded Hitler and therefore we were always taught in Hebrew school that this is what the Jesus funds the killing of of Jewish people. Jesus Christ too. Many Jews represents the holocaust the inquisitions the Crusades where Jews would be killed by the Catholic Church that's how is viewed and so it was really hard for me to WanNa believe anything about Jesus saying believe in Jesus was offensive to me. Now I'm a logical person and so I basically said to chuck if you give me a logical reason to believe I will believe I'm so glad that God actually has a sense of humor. People say really. Where do you see see that you don't see him laughing in scripture but there's a thing thing of irony here's it me? As at that age I was a kid. Very very proud of my intellect I have a hundred in sixteen. IQ So because of that. I was very proud of that. Very proud of my Abilities to reason and things like this. And here's chuck. Who never finished the sixth grade? He's he's a sixth grade. Dropout barely reads but reads his his Bible. He knows his Bible well enough and that was a neat thing. That the fact that here you got a kid who thinks he's the smartest thing in the world getting taught the most important portent thing in his life from a guy who has barely passed the six great or didn't even finish sixth grade. I should say and so. Chuck extorted to show me prophecies. We're going to the Old Testament and the New Testament and basically what was going on. I'm running statistics in my head and I'm I'm realizing is in some of these. Things are just coincidence and some of these things could be self-fulfilling. Now I ignore the self fulfilling one's because if they're self-fulfilling anyone can make them happen. So what do I do I'm looking at the ones that categorized as coincidence and I figure out what are the calculations these things and I start running them in my mind and I realized allies that it we got beyond what's called statistical impossibility which tend to forty eighth power. It is statistically impossible to fake all of of these fulfillment of scripture on just ones that are put in the category of coincidence like where Jesus Messiah would be born. What family line things like this? He had no control over those things. I I ended up saying chuck. Stop were beyond statistical impossibility. The New Testament had had been written by God. I didn't believe in Christ but I believe New Testament I ask. What does the New Testament teach and chuck start to explain about the death breath of Jesus Christ on behalf of my sins where I have broken? God's law lying steal and do things like that I've broken his law and that Jesus Christ raced by his death being an eternal being he could pay that fine for all of eternity because every time we break God's law because God's infinitely the holy it has an infinite consequence and that's why either we pay for all of eternity or an eternal being as it once in time and that's what he is explained. Explain with Jesus Christ being eternally God can pay that for not only me but for others as well and so as he's explaining meaning that he talks about his death he talks about his burial. He talks about his resurrection and at the resurrection. I stopped them. I understood understood that Christ might have died for my sins on that cross but the resurrection did. People don't raise themselves so I tried to explain away the resurrection. I explained a way without having ever reading of the the different arguments against the resurrection. I I argued almost all of them wrong tomb Maybe really dying. He walked away All the different ones. I have one that I believe is still original with me. My last argument was say maybe. The sales stole the body by digging underneath the tomb stealing the body They dug underneath. Come up through center. Take the body Out and Chuck says in Three Days Andrew. They didn't have heavy equipment back then and I dropped my head into my hands. And he says what's wrong and I realized sized that the resurrection was the proof that Jesus was who he said he was Almighty. God it's sitting there on the steps of a dairy queen for first first time my life I would do able to come to grips with my wife Sorry my my mother who died six years earlier. I could deal with her death all of a sudden. You didn't seem to bother me. But more importantly I realized that I was in a right state with God God. I prayed that Christ would forgive me. I turn entrusted him and him alone now. My Judaism definitely not my good works. Because I didn't have too many of them not not being a good person. Because I didn't have that. But I was trusting my Judaism I had to turn from trusting that too trusting. Jesus Christ now. I'm not sure where my mother isn't that. May It'd be hard for some to here to think about. As far as I know I believe that my mother is probably gonNA spend turning the lake of fire which is horrible to think about but unless she relieved in the Gospel. That's where she would be an as hard as it is for me. To think about it is is the way reality works. God is a just judge and he's going to be angry at the wicket every day and we have to pay that fine unless last it is paid for us now. The resurrection is really the proof of this. I say this about my mother her because she didn't as far as I know know about the message of Christ's death burial resurrection. Your Jesus his resurrection his message. What he said you can look up in the gospel of John? There he said in John Fourteen eighteen six. I am the way the truth in life. No one comes to the father except through me one must believe that Jesus Christ is is who he said he is in John Six forty seven. It says he who believes in me has everlasting life so everlasting knife not living forever. It's not being in heaven. It's it is actually knowing God and him whom he sent. Jesus Christ now. Many the people have been raised knowing that Jesus was a famous person some may know he was a Jewish person. One of the most well known verses this verse John Three Sixteen for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes leaves him should not perish but have ever lasting life. Yes Jesus is a famous person known because the world the entire world actually was changed because of what he you did and one thousand nine hundred eighty four. I came to realize what that meant for me. That Jesus this Christ Almighty God who became a man actually died in my place and paid the fine. I should pay. And that's when I went from being an enemy of God to a child of God you can have that to by turning from trusting whatever it is whether you trust in your good works your genealogy thinking you're a good person turn from those things and trust Jesus Christ Jesus alone and you can have a turn in life that God has done many things with me. Since that time I've been able to get into ministry. I've been a pastor of a church. I now work. For and the founder and executive director striving for eternity ministries. And you could find out more about me and the ministry at Striving Fraternity Dot. Org We actually have have my testimony written out there on the website and God has been able to use me to travel round the world to to be able to teach and preach I evangelize in many places pretty much wherever I go. I've just recently come back from two weeks in the Philippines with my friend. Justin Peters we were doing the disarmament conference in taught on church discipline. We did a training for evangelism and so God has now used me to be able to travel the world to be able to share. The same thing that happened to me can can happen to others that they too can have attornal life. God has opened up doors for me not only to travel the world and share that message but I also do it through the technology we have means of through our website. We we have classes. We offer that we can teach people here from the United States literally around the world with her Striving Fraternity Academy. We have classes on how to interpret the Bible and systematic theology. How to disciple someone? We do have a class on world religions. I've written a couple of books that are out. What do they believe which is on the major Western religions? What do we believe which it deals with the Basis Sisak Theology Christian faith which is really helpful for folks to know what Christians actually believe and those Zurve able at the website but what God has also opened up with the technology is the ability to do podcasting great way teaching and we have started. What's called the Christian podcast community? I'm the executive director of and I have a couple of podcasts on my own. I've Andrew reports rap report which is usually about an hour long show. Oh weekly but then I also do a daily show which is Monday through Friday only two minutes long so if you like something short he can get Andrew rap reports rap report daily. That's the shorter one where you can do. Both I also have one called politics live which I do with a friend of mine from Com Dot Org Matt Slick. He.

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