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Book is out and it really is as army once in uses relationship with Hillary Clinton try to kill his expose about the now disgraced movie producer in Roman fairs upcoming book catching kill the journals each other Harvey one stream tried to use his connections tell are you going to get three quarters expose on him killed in two thousand seventeen before pharaoh publishes story The New Yorker which detailed a pattern of winds insulting actresses he said he received an email from Clinton's Publicis Nick Meryl the email said the big story fair was working on was a concern for us referring to Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton one senior donated to each of the Clinton's campaign since she first ran for U. S. Senate in two thousand after his downfall Clinton pledged to give that money to charity in a bid to kill Roman room fares expose on the sexual misconduct allegations against MRV once you report a reach out to his good friend Hillary Clinton the coming but catching kill which Hollywood reporter came a preview copy of the journalists revealed an email he recieved the Clintons from Clinton's publishes published as in two thousand seventeen it came as he was working on is expose in trying to land an interview with Clinton for a different book he was writing on foreign policy in the email fares as Meryl told them that the big story was working on was a great concern to us one scene was also a major Democratic Party donor giving Clinton's more than twenty six thousand contributions sensors Senate run in two thousand I may say that and seem like a lot of money it is because that's maximum donation you can get he also gave a lot of my the Democratic Party and other packs that supported Hillary Clinton and that's where the six figure donations came at five days after the New York times investigation on the movie producers I am his sexual misconduct was published in October seventeen Cornish's statement a crying his behavior I was shocked and appalled by the revelation about Harvey Weinstein the statement read the behavior described by women coming for cannot be tolerated their courage in the support of others critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior she later said on CNN that she would donate the campaign contributions you receive from one scene to charity the stories launch the me to move in one scene was fired for the production company founded and Sean from Hollywood his book at catching kill and a allies spies in a conspiracy to protect predators is coming out October the fifteenth hi and they went on to say that it's very clear that Hillary Clinton statement they're saying is total B. S. because she was actually trying to help protect yourself by protecting Harvey Weinstein having Publicis call basis saying please don't run with this just want to put give that information to you all right let's get back to your phone calls five three five nine seven three two five three five nine seven three to the eight hundred number one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two point one to get to one other issue here that we were talking about earlier I and I think that is that it is an important issue and that is this about this election and it deals with this idea that people that break in this country are not criminals they are in fact victims and they should be treated as a victim ideas of your queue up that ice age and again we're on fox because this is now the front runner the Democratic Party Elizabeth Warren in in her sales pitches look you don't know what it's like to be an illegal immigrant coming.

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