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So I would say like private protein or something that you seek out when you feel like you've done everything that you can do. You feel like you have blind spots, you keep trying to improve. Nothing's really sticking. And so you want somebody to look over your shoulder to help you identify blind spots to be targeted objectives to work on plugging your leaks. So basically like if you're still learning a ton from Coca-Cola can dot com, for instance, right? Like on a daily basis, then I think the better approach is to keep learning. And keep doing that and bringing on a private coach. That's really my opinion and basically when you hit the wall and you just can't get past it, I would say that's another pretty good indicator that, okay, we need some outside assistance here to help us get us over this home. There we go. That looks good. There's only one else. We got pizza on deck. Hey guys, can you hear me? Yep. Yep. Thanks for doing this as well. My question is kind of like, what kind of things do you find yourself doing away from poker and away from the table? That actually help you with the thought processes. And being able to bring back to poker and help you improve. Meditate, exercise, nutrition, I think these soft skills that don't really have much to do with actually playing poker, sleeping, well at night. And then for the actual poker stuff, the things that I do, I mean, I challenge myself. I'm fortunate enough to, you know, tomorrow, like I talked about with cause in his question. Tomorrow is strategy day where me and two guys that are playing 5 ten online and then ten, 20, 40 live, we have strategy day, and we challenge each other. And it's just like this regular challenging of the way that we're thinking, I think capturing your thought process and your time, the way that I coach specifically is I have my students record a plane explained video. Break down the thought process and then give them specific feedback. So just capturing, again, capturing your awareness and then figuring out where your inconsistent or things that you're missing or could have seen in real time. That sort of thing would be a systematic approach of improving your thought process. Also breaking down everything you can think about, right? And asking yourself, how am I prioritizing data point a versus data point C? And consistently asking yourself if you can do a better job of prioritizing the decisions that you're making. I think all of those things sort of plan to upgrade your thought process. Thank you. Thanks, Pete. That's a great question. Oh, test out. Go ahead. Since you mentioned the coaching for profits and compared to paying for coaching directly. What set of the two options you would recommend for a specific category of players? It depends to me. So I don't actually do private coaching anymore. I know. I researched heck then. Gotcha. Yeah, I mean, I would say that the coaching for profit group essentially is like full on poker immersion. It's people that think you sleep dream poker. It's really turned into this sort of brotherhood where we hang out. We gamble on silly stuff like golfing with Friends on steam. So basically, like, the coaching for profits is full on broker immersion, whereas the one to one private coaching, while it's still a relationship, it's more ask questions as you think of them and then we have our hour, hour and a half together each week, then you get the replay and communicate somewhat regularly. But the CFP is like, people that, you know, they want to go to poker college. University. I'm out in two years and be able to beat any cash game. You know, up to 5 cents or 10% live that they want, right? I think that's the specific people that I look for in this EFP. Thanks guys. No more university for us. Hey man, I have, I have guys who are wolves who were in their 40s who have a job. But can still manage to play 20,000 hands. A month, which is the requirement, right? They have a dream and they want to be as strong of a global player as they possibly can. And they make it work. So it doesn't have to be super young or that's not anything that's what I'm looking for. Deal breaker. Yeah. I gotcha. Thanks. Shout out to the poker players who are in the mid 40s. There's not many of us around. And why don't you say like, I got a 60 hour a week day job who had it right entire poker career. And I have to make a lot of sacrifices to play and study and coach as much as I do, but it just comes down to managing your time, right? Don't watch much TV and prioritizing these things if they're that important to you and making sacrifice. I would say too. To be a student, I've got to like you. To be in the CFP I got to love you. It's been so much time together. So Cass be careful, there's a vetting process. Send in your resume..

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