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The matt roberts why the plane in the production studio today lots of maps here there's lots of nice i'd just like to say welcome to the mets today at max with they were joke of all time you know what so we've had some politicians in the markets he recently in fact um i guess the sp and the dow jones cardiff peaked in january what what they are around january twenty secs that of the and around that i know the dow is over twenty six outings twenty six thousand six sixteen was at speak before the correction officially we did go into a crash in the art of 11 percent right right right and the massive he was about the same time was yb five hundred now so you know the dow jones industrial average is an indicator of what's happening in our markets most these markets are connected usually if the sp 500 goes up america's five hundred largest companies that are publicly traded are measured on that particular indus and if it goes up and the other ones go up to along with it now most professional traders look at the sp five just because it's a broader and that's was most you know retail traders usually look at the dow that's why they usually the but news off with what the dow dad sure at i i think they have some peace a much much better measured separately much broader right so and kinda go go go back in time here because you know if you folks listen to our show last weekend one of the things that we focused on as wide as price move the financial markets and you know on the fifth of february fifth monday the dow dropped well over 1100 points just one day and if you want it to did the cnbc in other news channels it always chicken little in the sky was falling and has it ever going to rebound and is this a permanent correction is going to go down further what's going to go on my do shells do this because they want you to watch their tv show sure uh you know what is that in fact what happened was was.

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