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And i are talking nfl weekdays at one on extras right once again were keeping an eye on this corruption case that said volving said of the major college basketball programs uh the company adidas paola the players there's gonna be a press conference coming up at the top of the hour here in new york city is mark mcgwire the padres bench coach and hit five hundred eighty three home runs in his career joins us in the continental tire coaches corner the padres bench coach mark mcgwire mac good to talk to you how you doing cry great clamping cramming their recruiter last time you took bp uh two or employed what have you two years ago would if you took it today how would you do i heard my back hurts my nearer unhurt all over if i by getting a bourbon more than that i went to a minute recoba what these football players go through of a might coley i'm of baseball player like oh this where it can only players grlica like after sixteen years or retirement it'll were you have in common and they can't do it no no no i tried in high school my first for near didn't get really cure or are this book there is to win it correct and just play one game a week to work rather did though you know but did you play with a anthony moon news at at usa no he was before me but you know quick story about him uh they had to the jersey uh and you could a rapid around me quite bolger dirty wanted craig or could cure to go down imagine that no i'm quite an athlete though in play then he play third base to pitcher third base uh i really am he did i just remember aaron authorities bucket pitching himself from uh they would be uh uncomfortable wouldn't it oh yeah you to see him down their third base in outlook lengthy creep ccri infant in anya as big as he was what was your up your reaction uh when you heard aaron judge broke a rookie home run record auckland far away there was awesome i mean there is a.

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